16-01-12 The Fatherload

16-01-12 The Fatherload

We’re in love. You know that giddy feeling you get when love hits you? When Cupid’s arrow strikes you slap bang in the old heart and you feel yourself taken over? The feeling of walking on air? The desire to dance, sing and run naked into the rain and climb a lampost and sing to the world ‘I AM IN LOVE!’

No? The last one’s just me then.

The love I feel for our posts this week is like a fire deep within me. A passion that burns. An instinctive, almost primal feeling. Something that one can’t quite put one’s finger on  but knows, deep down, to be true and meaningful.The dad bloggers who’ve linked up this week are all, truly, wonderful people. And talented writers to boot. So, they have to put a bag on their heads when they leave the house in order to not scare horses, but each one of them has a deep rooted talent for words which I can only envy. When I grow up I want to be them. I want them to be my dad.

And so, without any further yakkin’ from me I hand you over to the geniuses that make up this week’s Fatherload.

Introduction kindly written by SAHDandProud

How To Be a Happy Housewife – One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Then life does its heartbreaking thing and unravels, but marvellously nine years later I am with The (new) Husband and ready to go again. The midwife is funny – we laugh together as The Husband sleeps. He wakes for the birth of a little boy, perfect but black and blue where I had shot him out across the bed. “You shouted,” said The Husband, disapprovingly. “And the window was open.” He snores for what is left of the night, while I lie beside him, stroking the bruises on his son’s face.

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Mills & Boon Wannabe – Part 8 – Dad Displacement

I’m developing quite a taste for this kind of writing; I must watch that bubbling desire and lava-hot longing don’t creep into an overview of the East Anglian farmland market, which is the kind of thing I write in real life.

However, it has not been able completely to displace my role as Dad. Last night my daughter glimpsed the opening chapter of Desire Be My Destiny.

‘What’s it about?’

‘A lady who is going to get married but then meets another man she likes better.’

‘Why does he say “Gotcha”?’

‘Er – they’re playing Tag.’ And I hastily shut the laptop.

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Reluctant Housedad – My son don’t wanna dance no more

Last term, my son was up for it, big time. Dancing. When his school announced they would be putting on pre-class dance lessons he was all over it like a Kid From Fame.
He hopped, he bopped, he twisted, he jived. He came home brimming with enthusiasm about how much he loved it and I thought we might have the next Billy Elliott on our hands.
And then, this morning – just as I was about to invest in some nice stripy leg warmers – something happened.
But there was no indication it was going to happen. Au contraire, in fact.

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Father, Son and the Odd Blog Post – And now for something completley different !!!

And now for something completley different !!!

It’s true that we’ve laughed and cried together, we cuddle and read each night, we scream and shout at each other but we’ve grown a bond that can never be broken. It’s funny but from two so young, I have learnt what the true meaning of unconditional love is and how rare and precious a gift that can be!

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OneDad3Girls – Peppa Pig Bad?…pull the other one

As most parents will have heard Peppa Pig has been blamed for children’s bad behaviour.

Is this a wind up?

My daughter Aly who is 4 loves Peppa Pig and too be honest out of all the programmes it’s by far not the worst.

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slightlysuburbandad – The Great Football Party Dillema

I have made it my habit to avoid kids parties wherever possible. But a football party? I had to take him. There would be other dads. There would be football. We might even get to join in. Oh yes. As it turned out I didn’t get a game but I did get another large coffee and a dad chat while Mrs Slightlysuburban spent the day fishing Baby out of the cupboard under the sink and counting shape sorter bits. So I was definitely winning. Except for one thing. It has caused me a huge problem….

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Military Dad – Glimpsing the Future

There are few things more fun than looking at your little ones and trying to see the adults they will become. We try to see what type of person they are going to be and what will make them happy. Will they become doctors or veterinarians? Maybe, they’ll have the talent and work ethic to make it professionally as an athlete of some sort. Every once in a while, you are actually afforded a glimpse at the future. Something will happen that makes you stop and go, “Whoa, that’s her in 20 years.” I had one of those moments yesterday.

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musodad – Double A-Sided blog post – ‘Fiction Fridays’ / ‘Music as Therapy’

This is a Double A-Sided meme blog post featuring ‘Fiction Fridays’ and ‘Music as Therapy’.

Side A1 will feature a favourite book of mine that I read my kids and Side A2 is something that I’ve been meme-ing to do for ages (“ha ha! Did you see that?! He said ‘meme-ing’ instead of ‘meaning’ because they are both memes! This guy is brilliant!” “Thanks mum”).

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Dales84 – Smiles, Frowns and one very drunk Rabbit

Smiles, Frowns and one very drunk Rabbit

But whilst they ere away it meant I was home alone, which might sound appealing but after around 5 minutes it gets boring, the house is too quiet and I miss them all terribly. Plus they sent me a Tweet of a picture of them all saying they miss daddy. But then Peagreen (My girlfriend) said she wanted me to buy an iPad so she can use it (suddenly missing them went out the window, joking!)

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Mutterings of a Fool – My best….

My best....

Best moment of my life so far; aside from the obvious 2 of my wedding day and the birth of Matilda it would be 24th September 2011. We were in New Zealand on our big adventure and had just left a motel after the worst night sleep ever. Just down the road was a must see sight of Lake Mattheson, we really weren’t in the mood for anything but dragged ourselves out of our camper van and headed for the lake. The walk around the lake was spectacular with Mount Cook reflected in the water.

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You’re not from round here. – A male perspective! Two birth stories.

This is a post written by my husband – his view on the birth of our children.

My wife told me the other day that she wanted me to write a piece for her blog on what it was like for me to be at the birth of our children.
Naturally I do everything she tells me to do, so I am happy to oblige.
I like to think, as I’m sure is true of most men, that I was a supportive and calming influence both in the lead-up to and at the birth of our son.

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Dads Who Change Diapers – You have super powers? SO DO I!

You have super powers? SO DO I!

Ever notice how when someone gets all beefed up on super powers they immediately find others with powers too? Or, more likely, the people that also gain powers just HAPPEN to be in close proximity to the newly initiated?

Yeah, me too.

So there I was sitting at my desk all day. Juggling kiddos, trying to write two books, looking at some internets, when I discovered it. My newly acquired gift. I can DESTROY a bag of Ruffles! Seriously, they were the chili cheese kind and I absolutely wrecked the bag. I know what you’re thinking.

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A Man Called Dad – Prison Rules

The first week was rough. With the wife out of town, Dad got drop off duty and it sucked. She’d scream until snot bubbles blew from both barrels while clamping onto a leg like she was holding onto the edge of cliff. I’d peel her off of me while the other kids would form a circle around her. Just waiting for dad to leave. Fresh meat.

She made if three days before the first bite. It was vicious.

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Dude of the House – Your Name is What??

Your Name is What??

When I heard the recent announcement that David and Victoria Beckham named their newborn daughter ”Harper Seven Beckham”, I asked myself that timeless question: What is wrong with people today?

Harper Seven shouldn’t come as a complete shock. After all, the Beckhams stretched the limites of the bizarre-meter years ago when they named named their three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. Obviously things have changed since the days of Fred MacMurray and the 1960s TV show “My Three Sons”, whose names were Mike, Robbie and Richie Douglas.

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Hackney Holiday – Speak like a child

I’ve been looking after our youngest for a day a week for a few months now. He has turned 21 months and his language is really starting to develop.

There was a lovely moment today when he looked at me and said “Daddy kind.”

It would have brought tears to my eyes if it wasn’t for the fact that I was cleaning his bottom at the time. He’d just squeezed out the sort of mega poo, which is about as close as men get to giving birth, so I’m not surprised that he thought I was being kind.

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Dad or Alive – 1 year. 1month. 1 day.

The day after we finished our 2,690 mile move/drive from California to Maryland, my wife got a phone call that forever changed the lives of our entire family.

My parents and in-laws were both in DC, to help us with the move-in process. The in-laws were finishing up a convention, about to drive over and meet us. Jen’s phone rang, it was her Mom.

‘My God, there’s been an accident. Olivia’s been hit by a car and she’s not going to make it..

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Daddy Of Two – But you promised…

For a little while, The One has been trying a slick trick on me… without much success I must say.
She’d ask for something (sweets, computer game time, etc…) for a later time and I would answer something along the lines of: “Maybe or I’ll see…”

Later, she’d tell me something along the lines of: “You promised that…”.

The first time it happened, I just thought for a second and then figured that if she said that I had agreed, it was probably the case. But I decided to take note next time and be a bit more cautious.

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First-Time-Daddy – Re-location Relocation Re-location

Re-location Relocation Re-location

We knew that once BB came along, the house we currently live in wouldn’t be ideal. The main reason for this is that when Christine goes back to work, BB will be looked after by his grandma. The problem with this is that, grandma lives about 6 miles in the wrong direction for BB to be dropped off in the morning. Another minor reason for us wanting to move is the area in which we currently live.

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SAHDandproud – Kids have it easy nowadays

Kids have it easy nowadays

Story time. One of my favourite parts of being a SAHD. My daughter goes for a nap and my son and I retire to the conservatory and sit on the sofa. We have a biscuit and a chat, and then we read a story together. I don’t usually do the bedtime stories as Dr B likes to do those when she returns home, so this time of the day is important to me.

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