16-01-12love relationships weekly showcase

16-01-12 Love Relationships Weekly Showcase

Relationships – the act of two people falling hopelessly in love and living happily ever after……..or the act of two people falling hopelessly in love and living together arguing about dirty socks and who deserves to have a lie-in?!

Welcome to the first Love Relationships Showcase! I am very happy to be part of the Love All Blogs team and even more so to be writing the intro for this category.

I have a bit of a fascination with relationships, I am a believer in ever-lasting love but I am also very aware that it’s not easy and that relationships take a lot of hard work.

I blog about my relationship quite frequently, mainly because I’m nearly always thinking about it. I try not to take it for granted and I am always looking for ways to improve it. I like to share my experiences in the hope that some people can relate to them and I love hearing from people who have advice or have been through similar things. It’s why the blogging community is so great.

So if have any posts that fit this category – whether they are regarding a serious issue, a not such serious issue (such as household duties!) or even posts about your wedding you can join in next week by clicking HERE.

If it’s a post about who’s job it is to wash the dirty socks in your household then feel free to air your dirty laundry in public!

And don’t feel excluded if you’re single, if you have any posts about your search for the perfect relationship or even if you are happier not being in a relationship then feel free to link-up too!

I look forward to reading them and I will be back next week !

Introduction kindly written by Jessica from  Mum2BabyInsomniac.

Trouble Doubled – My husband and I

My husband and I

I first met Troubles’ Dad when we were both teenagers. We have been together ever since. We have never wavered and though we have grown into our own people, we have never grown apart.

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Mum2BabyInsomniac – Does Having A Baby Change Your Relationship?

Does Having A Baby Change Your Relationship?

I had my concerns about how having a baby would affect us, not just because Dad2BabyInsomniac was struggling to come to terms with becoming a dad but also because of the selfish part of me that didn’t feel like we’d spent enough time together on our own. I kept thinking of all the things that we would no longer be able to do, it didn’t stop me wanting to be a mum but nine months is a long time to wonder what something is going to be like.

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Dear Beautiful Boy – a happy memory

a happy memory

I said:
I promise to be the best partner and friend in the world through a relationship built on trust, honest, humour and, above all, our beautiful love for one another.

And he said:
I promise to treasure you always because you complete me.

You can see why I married him, right?

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Mammasaurus – Romantic Faux Pas Confessions Of An Overworked Housewife and Mother

It was late one night and we’d headed up to bed. Being a married couple of nearly 4 years this didn’t involve ripping each others clothes off as we went up the staircase, oh no, Papasaurus had clambered into bed and I returned from my nightly teeth cleaning to join him. It’s fair to be said that I had ‘jiggy intentions’ at this point. I removed my PJs and tried to fling my fluffy bedsocks off seductively before sliding into bed to join him. As I wriggled up close I was met with ‘IT’ – no you smutty minded party people not that, ‘IT’ being…
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Here come the Girls – How to mess up a proposal

How to mess up a proposal

I have always been in such a rush to get through my life. I was always looking forward to the next thing and never content to just be happy with where I was. I like how old I am at the moment, it feels like I was meant to be this age, perhaps I was born to be 33. Trying to be 34 when you’re really 23 or 13 – not so good.

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The Syders – Quiet Reflection

We are approaching our youngest’s 11th birthday and sitting here looking back eleven years to the turn of the Millennium Life was very different. I was four weeks away from giving birth to our 4th child, we lived in an area that I was happy in, we had a large social circle of friends and Life felt Good. However the next eleven years were full of so many changes…Changes I never would have imagined.

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You’re not from round here. – Dumped by text

Have you ever dumped someone by text? Or have you been dumped by text?

I feel slightly ashamed to admit that I have done the former.

It was 13 years ago (had mobiles even been invented then?). I had been seeing the guy for two weeks. In which time I had learnt that he was unashamedly racist. He refused to get on the tube if there were people of any race other than his own in the carriage. This did more than shock me. I found his views to be abhorrent.

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