19-12-11 Baking


Christmas Chocolate Log


It’s not completely Christmas for me if there’s not a slice of Chocolate log in the house and this year I was determined to try and make one of my own. There are thousands of recipes out there, some with chestnuts or marron glace, some with alcohol and versions upon versions of Yule logs but I have gone for the simplest.

It’s VERY easy and only takes 10-12 mins in the oven the longest bit is waiting for it to cool so you can cover it in chocolate butter icing but I learnt my lesson after the biscuits and only called on the girls to ‘help’ once I was at the icing stage

Video instructions at the bottom to see exactly how easy it is

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The more than occasional baker


The more than occasional baker

This Christmas I present to you some ‘Ginja Ninja’s!’ Everyone loves gingerbread (possibly with the exception of myself!) and this is a really fun twist to making gingerbread. It’s simple to bake and if you have kids, they can join in the fun too.

I was sent these ninjabread cookie cutters by find-me-a-gift.co.uk to review. They are made of stainless steel and come in a set of three. There’s a recipe for gingerbread on the back of the pack which I used to make these ninjas. These are seriously cute cookie cutters and I’m sure I will be making lots of ninjas throughout the year. Everyone has been impressed with the results and keep asking where they can buy these cookie cutters. Unfortunately the supplier has run out of stock currently but they should be getting more stock in so check back to find-me-a-gift.co.uk later. They would make excellent Christmas presents 🙂

The fun thing about making gingerbread ninjas (or men or women) is that you can be really creative with the decorating. I’m afraid I’m not terribly creative and just went with the picture on the website and the pack. I might try my hand at royal icing next time.

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A Mummy Too

Idiot’s guide to lining a Christmas cake tin

A Mummy Too

I like to think I’m not that bad at cooking but this week I came a cropper. I decided to make a Christmas cake but when it came time to ‘line the tin’, I had no idea what I was supposed to do.
Hmm, maybe I could just not bother with lining? “No,” Twitter told me, “No, no, no. It needs to slow cook. Without lining it’ll burn.” A quick call to my mum (you’re never too old to call your mum for help, right?) and she arrived to show Joel and I what to do.

So here it is, a super-detailed, idiot’s guide to lining a Christmas cake tin…

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A Bavarian Sojourn


A Bavarian Sojourn

We have always had Stollen at Christmas, ever since I can remember anyway. Perhaps one of my earliest memories is being handed thick, haphazardly cut slices to wash down with hot chocolate….

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multiple Mummy

Scrummy Christmas Chocolate Truffles

multiple Mummy

I am feeling very proud of myself as I attempted making chocolate truffles and I must say upon taste testing (A LOT!…until the point of feeling slightly sick!) they are delicious.
What’s more is they are unbelievably easy to make. Just don’t wear white…there is LOTS of chocolate involved!

Here’s how…

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Romanian mum in London

Cheesy muffins

This is the first time I am baking these muffins but I think they are quite tasty!
So here is the recipe:
2 Cups Plain Flour
1 teaspoons salt
225 grams Margarine
1 Cup Cheese
2 Eggs
1 Cup Milk
3 Teaspoons Baking Powder
Extra Grated Cheese

Rub margarine into the flour and baking powder,add the cheese.
Beat eggs with milk and mix into the flour mixture.
Grease muffin tin and divide the mixture equally into the tin.
Sprinkle extra cheese and paprika on the top of the muffins and bake at 200C for 20 minutes.

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Checky’s Kitchen

Christmas Stars

Checky's Kitchen

I have just returned from my son’s last Nativity play. His last one ever and rather than feel sad, I am just so relieved. I don’t think I could take another year of seeing him cast as a shepherd, with a no-speaking, no-action part, yawning and fidgeting in the back row, whilst watching the same children, year in, year out, singing, dancing and smiling on the front of the stage. Is it just me or does anyone else suspiciously make the co-relation between “success in being chosen for role in the nativity play” and “success of future role in life”. Of course not. It is the taking part that counts. We can’t all be main players, just some people.

Never mind. We can’t all be Christmas stars but at least we can all make some.

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let’s bake love

fruity mince pies

let's bake love

Fairycake loves Christmas, particularly Christmas baking. One thing that evokes that feeling of Christmas is the smell of homemade mince pies in the oven. Shop bought mince pies just don’t cut it. If you want to serve up some Christmas spirit, Fairycake has been working on a fruit filled mincemeat recipe to whip up the taste of Christmas.

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Farmersgirl Kitchen

Heavenly Meringues

Farmersgirl Kitchen

I do think there is something heavenly about meringues, and these ones came out particularly well, they just melted in the mouth like little sugary clouds filled with cream.

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Here come the Girls

Christmas Angel Cake Recipe

Here come the Girls

For some stupid reason I volunteered to make some cakes for Molly’s school fayre last week. I enjoy baking but I know to do it properly I have to wait for all the children to go to bed so it isn’t as much fun. It’s strange baking on my own. The downside is I have to break my own eggs which I do only slightly better than my daughter. The plus side is I get to lick the spoon myself and not share.

Anyway I decided to make an angel cake using my recipe from last month but this time with more festive colours. Instead of yellow and pink layers I made green and red ones. This would also work well as a traffic light cake for a child’s birthday. I didn’t use the almond essence in this recipe due to nut allergies, however it does make it all Christmassy.

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Confessions of a Recipe Junkie

Confessions of a Recipe Junkie

These butter cookies have been around since I was 12. My mother had the recipe tucked away in her recipe book and started making these while I was in middle school. She would make them every year during the holidays, as homemade gifts. I switched it up this year and added a hint of cinnamon.

These cookies are delicious and the dusting of powdered sugar adds that extra touch. Everyone will love these, and become addicted. You will be making them every year.

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Cheetahs In My Shoes

After Eight Cupcakes

Cheetahs In My Shoes

After Eight cupcakes

You will need:

A cupcake/muffin tin lined with cupcake cases. I’d recommend using some heavier duty cases for these cakes as they are very moist.
150g of After Eight mints. They come in boxes of 300g (currently 1/3 off in most supermarkets!)
150g of butter
150g dark muscavado sugar
2 eggs
50g Self Raising flour

For the icing – 75g cocoa powder, 275g icing sugar and 175g very soft butter. Peppermint extract if you have it.

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