19-12-11 General

Checky’s Kitchen

Winter Greens

Checky's Kitchen

One thing I love most about Winter is that the Brassicas are at their best and along with the more obvious broccoli and cauliflower, cabbages and of course brussel sprouts the markets, and my veg box, fill up with a variety of Kales including the wonderful Cavalo Nero. Kale grow excellently in our climate as they freeze well and actually tastes sweeter and more flavourful after being exposed to a frost. I have a theory, though completely unsubstantiated, that winter greens act as some sort of natural anti-depressant. Winter greens beat the blues.

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Mummy Musings

Slow cooker chinese beef

Mummy Musings

I had some beef strips that needed using last week but due to being busy decorating the kitchen wanted to do something in the slow cooker. I fancied something chinese style so a quick browse of the internet for inspiration and I came up with my own chinese beef recipe.

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Gastronomical Sovereignty

Home Baked Apple Chips (or crisps, if you will).

Gastronomical Sovereignty

…Speaking of fun and stretchy pants, I have a recipe for you today that is big on fun, and low on stretchy pants. Sort of. Home baked apple chips! We’re still getting bundles of apples in our CSA box and I’m trying to come up with new and interesting ways for us to eat them. These chips, were both. Did I mention they were also highly addictive? I think you’ll like them. Plus they make your entire house smell absolutely fantastically like Christmas!

Two things: First, be careful with your apple corer if you haven’t used one before. I almost took a chunk out of my hand with the first try. Get to know your corer and ease it into the apple before slamming down to remove the core. Second, enjoy!

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Lavender and Lovage

A Partridge in a Chocolate Truffle Tree

Lavender and Lovage

This is such a wonderful way of serving your chocolate truffles at Christmas or New Year ~ or indeed any special winter festival. I do make my own truffles for this edible creation, as you have seen in a previous post, but you can buy ready-made truffles for ease and speed of course. I love to see my family and friend’s faces when I bring the coffee and “chocolates” out with this Truffle Tree, and yesterday was no exception.

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Chocolate Martinis


Bardenay is a bar in downtown Boise, Idaho that’s full of memories. Its where I wrote my speech the night before my sister’s wedding, where I lost my passport the night before we were due to fly home and where my husband had his first taste of chocolate martinis.

Its been too long since we drank chocolate martinis in Bardenay – a hot, September night three years ago. Jonathan and I had spent a few weeks getting to know our three month old niece as her mum started back to work for the Special Olympics Winter Games. Perhaps Jonathan had a vision of life to come as he asked the waiter what was in these sweet, rich, alcoholic drinks, determined to recreate them at home.

And recreate them we have!

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