19-12-11 Vegetarian / Vegan

The Vegetarian Experience

Vegetarian Festive Christmas Strudel

The Vegetarian Experience

If you are Vegetarian or have a vegetarian visiting for Christmas and are stuck for ideas of what to make, this Festive Strudel is a great meat-free Christmas dinner alternative. I will be featuring more meat-free Christmas dinner ideas during the run up to Christmas, but here is a really Christmassy Festive dish to get you started.

My Festive Strudel features lots of christmassy ingredients including cranberries, walnuts, mushrooms, nutmeg and soft blue cheese. This dish was featured on Nick Coffer’s Weekend Kitchen on Three Counties radio on the 10th December 2011 and was described as “Christmas in a roll” and it really is!

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Vegetarian Christmas Dinner


One of the first questions people ask me when they find out I’m vegetarian is ‘But what do you eat for Christmas dinner?’ And the answer to that is along the lines of ‘Anything I want to’. Here are some of the centrepieces I’ve made over the years.

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