The Weekly Showcase 19-09-11


Greeting you gorgeous folk and welcome to the second weeks posting of  The Weekly Showcase. Last week was a grand success with lots of newer bloggers joining in and many other people swinging by to read the excerpts – including those lovely BritMums who included us in their weekly ‘Good Reads’ along with 5 newer bloggers from last weeks Showcase! It’s great to see that word is spreading so thank you for supporting newer bloggers and showing us such love.

This week sees a few additions to the site – there’s a new ‘News’ section at the top of the page and ‘You Say’ section where we welcome any feedback -good or bad, suggestions and ideas.

This week also see’s the launch of  the ‘Bloggers Blogger Of The Week’ award –  a little bit of kudos for one deserving newer blogger each week. If you are voted the ‘Bloggers Blogger Of The Week’ you’ll get given the ‘badge’ to display on your blog for the following week – and also you’ll will be featured in the next weeks Weekly Showcase post with a little write up love. This write up will include bits and bobs about you, how long your blogs been running and why you love blogging. You can also include links to 3 posts that you have written that you are most proud of… All you have to do is leave a comment on here with the name of your favourite post from this weeks showcased list – who ever has the most ‘votes / comments’ by  Friday at 8am will be crowned ‘Bloggers Blogger Of The Week’!

And finally there’s a change to the layout of the excerpts with them being arranged into ‘age groups’. Hopefully this will make it a little easier to ‘dip’ in and out of during the week and to find fellow bloggers that are at the same point as you in your blogging journey !

And now – enjoy !


21 comments on “The Weekly Showcase 19-09-11

  1. pictorialmum says:

    Ooh love the age groups – such a cute idea! I remember always struggling to work out if I should class my wee one in weeks or months when folk asked her age – am I a ‘4 week old’ blogger or do I just say ‘1 month’ now! Hee!

  2. mishmashmum says:

    Is this where you put your vote for bloggers blogger?! Haven’t read any posts yet, im just checking! X

  3. mishmashmum says:

    Well… I’m putting my votes here before I forget the names:

    Caught Writing
    (Nearly!) Perfect Mother

  4. My favourites this week are, Chatty baby and Love in the Nest. Some fantastic blogs on here!! I loved reading through them all!! 🙂 Well done everyone! xxx

  5. pictorialmum says:

    Ok I’ve not read them all yet but fun as a gran’s story about birds and allergies gets my vote for telling the story of a funny comment which was actually quite profound and got me thinking about birds & allergies!

  6. jason says:

    I’m voting for actually mummy – a top tip that works well

  7. Ben says:

    I love Actually Mummy’s tips for dealing with nightmares! I will be trying those with my kids!

  8. Thanks for nominating my blog 🙂

    Now off to read the rest of the entries.

    J x

  9. I like The Princess and The Pickles post. So many good ones though. 🙂

  10. Bod for tea says:

    Some great posts this week! Particularly loved Purple Mum’s ‘Patience is not my thing’, Frankie Parker had me chortling into my coffee and Actually Mummy’s creative solutions for nightmares is just brilliant. So that’s my 3 votes. Looking forward to next week’s showcase already 😀

  11. I vote for Purple Mum’s ‘patience is not my thing’. xxx

  12. LT says:

    So excited to be added ( I have such a young blog) I will get a cuppa and read all the others now. Thanks.

  13. Georgie B says:

    I love play ideas about having a blackboard at home and the simple way the site is set out and great visuals.

  14. I really enjoyed reading so many of these posts. If I was forced to pick one out of this great bunch it would be Nearly Perfect Mummy with Three’s A Crowd.

  15. Just found another post that I missed first time round that is easy to read and funny: Ill Fated Love Affair. I would vote for this one too!

  16. Mammasaurus says:

    Thank for all your vote guys – voting is now closed 🙂

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