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Every Saturday we’ll be posting up the Weekend News – things happening out and about in bloggerland that you might want to get involved with, what we’ve been up to and of course a chance for you to pass on any good news that you may have had!

Firstly … this weeks Weekly Showcase had lots of lovely readers, up significantly from last week – hopefully we are building up momentum and next week will be even bigger and better ! I’d love to know what you thought of the blog ‘age groups’ – would you like to see a category of brand new under a month old blogs ? Or maybe a category cloud ? Your input is what drives this site so make sure you have your say!

What a week of news we have had so far ! This week has seen me join the BritMums team  and I’m chuffed as puff to report that I’ll be writing ‘Newbie Tuesday’ – a column on a Tuesday morning dedicated to all things about and for the newer bloggers out there. I’ll be highlighting some great posts by newer blogging folk and dishing out tips and advice. I want to make it as interactive as possible so if there’s something you want help with or aren’t sure about it’s your chance to ask. I’ll then trawl through the BritMums archives and find you helpful related information and posts and generally badger people to get you the stuff that you want to know!

This week we posted up our first ‘Tips’ page with some advice on arranging your sidebar‘Tips’ page with some advice on arranging your sidebar and Kiddy Charts kindly tweeted us with a link that she thought newer bloggers may find interesting – it’s all about Tips for newer bloggers looking to increase traffic

Britmums have also started up a ‘Newbie Blogger Comment Group’ – where bloggers can sign up and then be matched up bloggers randomly in small groups (6-7 bloggers). They are then encouraged  to comment on each other’s blogs, RT each other’s links and generally be of support and advice to each other for a month. Would you be interested in joining this group which would run for the month of October? If so head on over to let them know that you are interested and next week you’ll be given a ‘group’.

BritMums are holding BritMums Live! next year (full info. here). It promises to be the Parent Blogging event of the year and they say:

  • “Imagine you could see all your blogging friends in one place at one time.
  • Imagine you could listen in on conversations among the UK’s most popular bloggers in fields ranging from parenting to politics, tech to travel and food to family fun.
  • Imagine discussing the future of blogging with insightful insiders.
  • Imagine meeting some household name bloggers.
  • Imagine awards that celebrate the depth and variety of parent blogs.
  • Imagine a really great party.”

They will be arranging a little corner there for us newer folk to meet up (with cakes!) as it could all be a bit daunting and scary not knowing anyone and I’ll be there generally talking nonsense looking out for you. They have also said that if newer folk want to that we could arrange a ‘Pre-BritMums Live’ little  meet-up , a chance to put faces to names and generally make friends before the big weekend do – what are your thoughts on this idea?

Have you heard of any new forums,sites or groups for new bloggers that you’d care to share?

That just leaves a huge THANK YOU for all the excerpts this week- they were all great – I’ve still not got totally through reading them all fully them yet ! 


6 comments on “The Weekend News

  1. It’s all so exciting. Feels like now is a really good time to be a newbie blogger. So thank-YOU for making it so.
    And I think a Pre-BritMumsLive meet up for the newbs would be great. And would definitely make the actual event a little less daunting. x

    • Mammasaurus says:

      Excellent! It feels exciting for me too – and no need to thank me – after all if there weren’t so many great newer bloggers this would just a be me mooching round an empty site 😉

  2. Boo and Me says:

    All for the pre-BritMums Live meet up…Will there be cake there too?!
    Looking forward to your first Newbie Tuesday x

  3. Ooh like the meet up idea too. Haven’t booked a conference yet – it seems such a long way off. A lot can happen in a year. Do you think they’ll sell out?

  4. I agree, now is a really good time to be new. No disrespect to the amazing bloggers who set the scene, but I feel like there is a new feel on the block, and newer bloggers are set to become the future – if they want to go for it! So, gin, beret’s, cava, dancing – bring it on – I am up for it!!!!

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