The Weekly Showcase 26-09-11


Welcome to our third Weekly Showcase. Last week saw a big rise in the numbers of people reading the Showcase – happy times! This Tuesday see’s the start of my weekly column on the BritMums Blog entitled ‘Newbie Tuesday’ – where I’ll be highlighting some newer bloggers and dishing out some advice and general ‘newer blogger love’ – here’s hoping that it drives even more lovely folk our direction!

There’s a new ‘Brand New’ group addition in the Weekly Showcase this week – this is for all new blogs under 1 month old – try and show these  very new folk some love and how wonderful the ‘blogosphere’ is…

And now for the ‘Bloggers Blogger Of The Week’!Last week you commented on the Showcase with any posts that you particularly enjoyed – you spoke – we listened!
So a big ‘pat on the back’ to lovely blogger and all round nice lady –
Actually Mummy

How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging for 6 months, although the blog existed in a handwritten diary format 7 years ago when my daughter was born.
I started the diary because someone bought me a beautiful notebook for my birthday when Glib Girl was 8 weeks old and I thought ‘now that has to be for something better than a shopping list’ and started writing about her. I wrote in her voice because even then she seemed to have a lot to say for herself, and she has surprised and delighted us with her loquaciousness ever since. Somewhere around 4 years I got bored with the diary, and then I discovered this thing called blogging, and got re-motivated to write. Maybe one day I’ll publish a ‘prequel’ blog with all her baby musings!
If you could give one piece of advice to a new blogger what would it be ?
Hmmm tricky. There is so much advice already out there….I would have to say, find your voice and stick with that. Don’t try to copy someone else’s style because you like it. Write the way it feels natural to you, and then your personality will really come out. Because for me it’s the blogger’s personality that engages me, not the detail of what’s on their blog.
Your favourite thing about blogging is…

It has reminded me what fun it is to write, and to get published is such a thrill (even if it is me doing the publishing). I’m a bit self-indulgent in that once I have hit publish I go and read my own post – I get such a buzz from seeing it out there. And if someone else reads it and likes it I’m on a high all day! Sheer exhileration!
What blogs are you loving at the moment?
Chatty Baby is getting funnier and funnier, don’t you think? I have followed her since early on, and I think her writing gets better every time she posts. Another one that seems to work hard on her writing and improves all the time is Five Go Blogging . I love Kate Takes 5, really witty style and I read pretty much anything that Typecast writes, goddess of blogging that she is!

Tell us of a talent that we may not know that you have …
I think all my private details are pretty much out there already (except who I really am – one day you could put all the ‘things you don’t know about me’ meme posts together like a jigsaw and bam! It’ll lead you directly to my house!) execpt this one – I can play the flute! However, technically it is GG’s blog, so….. she has a bald patch on the back of her head where she fell off the back of a chair and hit it 3 years ago. The hair has never grown back!

Name us 3 of the favourite posts that you have written !
Healthy Chocolate Cake for Kids  – I think this was my first post that really got people laughing. It was definitely my first that ever got retweeted by someone I didn’t know. That was such a thrill!

Eloquence  – I love this one because it epitomises everything that inspires my writing. Pretty much everything on the blog is prompted by something that my children have said. Also it introduces GG’s brother The Bug as a force to be reckoned with too – she is not the only loquacious one in our house!

And finally Not a Perfect Parent  – This still makes me swell with pride and cry tears of love for my clever, headstrong, infuriating, sensitive, beautiful daughter. I think it is probably the most ‘Actually Mummy’-ish post I have done, and has inspired me to create the meme which I will be launching next week, showcasing the best of what all our children write, say, or otherwise communicate to us. Please come over and share your children’s talents with me when Wot So Funee goes live.


Oh she’s a fab lady and a spiffing blogger – Cheers Actually Mummy!

Who will be next weeks ‘Bloggers Blogger Of The Week’ is up to you – if there’s a post that particularly love from this weeks Showcase then simply comment at the bottom of that Showcase page to let us know and who ever has the most love will be featured next Monday in The Weekly Showcase 03-10-11.

Right now go grab a cuppa and a cheeky choccy hob-nob if you are feeling flash and brace yourself for some fabulous reading!


15 comments on “The Weekly Showcase 26-09-11

  1. […] other bloggers like me! Yipeeeeeeee! (Might just have to do a celebratory tap dance later). Thanks Love New Blogs bloggers for voting me ‘it’ this week. I promise to make Mummy read every single one of your […]

  2. Woo-hoooo! I love Love New Blogs readers for voting me in this week! Thank you all so much for reading me. It makes my day! Right, since my ankle is attached to an electrode for the next half hour I’ve got nowhere to go so I’m off to read all your blogs…..

    • Mammasaurus says:

      Uh ? ankle ? electrode ? Is this post #frozenwine related ?

      And for those who don’t know Actually Mummy has discovered frozen wine – it’ll be all the rage by Christmas !

  3. A very deserving winner. I love Actually Mummy’s writing style. And her blog looks awesome too. Well done Actually Mummy. x

  4. Chatty Baby says:

    Congratulations, Actually Mummy! Well deserved, and a great interview.
    And thanks for the kind promotion. When I grow up, I want to be as successful as you are xx

    Well done, Love New Blogs.

  5. emmysmummy says:

    Actually mummy & chatty baby you’ve had me in fits of giggles this week.

    And once again loving the idea of frozen wine!!

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  7. catparrott says:

    Can I vote for Flossing the Cat? I loved School Run. I’m guest editing the Tots 100 10 at 10 tomorrow and I’ve made it one of my choices. Looking forward to reading more.

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