The Weekend News 01-10-11


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The Latest Weekly Showcase

Firstly … a big ‘hello!’ to the new bloggers that have taken the plunge this week and sent in their excerpts ready for Mondays Weekly Showcase – it may seem daunting but we are a lovely bunch really – honest! 

Tuesday saw my first Newbie Tuesday post on the BritMums blog, I highlighted as many new bloggers as I could cram in, apologies if I didn’t include you this week – it’s nothing personal! I’ve just finished draft writing up this coming Tuesdays post and I’m looking forward to sharing so great reads with you.

This weeks midweek ‘Tips’ post saw us talking about ‘Publicising your blog’ via social networking,forums and generally joining in blog prompts and carnivals. The next ‘Tips’ post will see us looking into the pros and cons of memes.

On Friday I’ll be going to Tots100 BlogCamp in Brighton along with some other lucky bloggers, Tots100 does more than just rate blogs once a month – they do free BlogCamps! I’m a tad nervous about going to my first event like this and am busy trying to get business cards printed out in time so that when I get to meet Paul Sanders,picture editor of The Times I can look like I know what I am doing and hand over my card with Love New Blogs url on it – I am nothing if not a cheeky madam!

Have you heard of any new forums,sites or groups for new bloggers that you’d care to share?

A super-sized thank you for your support and for sharing your great newer blogs with us all !


2 comments on “The Weekend News 01-10-11

  1. pictorialmum says:

    No the super-sized thanks go to you! Can’t believe you are such a new blogger yourself and yet you’re helping us all so much!
    Enjoy blog-camp!

  2. Bump Babbler says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for letting me know about this blog, once mine is up and running I would love to be included!

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