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SEO. Now I know what some of you are thinking – what the dickens is SEO? Soggy Egg Omelette? Savoury Elephant Onions? Nope! SEO is ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

This is improving the visibility of your site in search engines. Usually the higher up on a search engines results page your site comes the more visitors it will receive from that search engine. The incredibly helpful Typecast has written a really good guide about SEO for beginners which is super informative. It covers things that you may not have thought of such as how best to choose the title of your posts to optimize your SEO authority. It sounds rather complicated I know but it’s made really easy by Typecast there.
I also came across a brilliant post in the BritMums Blog archives this week which tells us all about the different type of traffic that comes to your blog – perfect for anyone who is really starting to care about their ‘hits’ and ‘comments’. Written by, ‘Blogging for improving bloggers’ looks at the different types of traffic that come to your blog.

A few things you can do to improve your SEO are:

  • LINK LINK LINK! When you write a post think about what you could link to – older posts of yours? Someone else? If you mention Twitter than link to Twitter! It’s just a simple html code –  <a href=”HTTP://WHATEVER_YOU_LIKE>COM ” target=”_blank”> WHAT EVER YOU LIKE</a>
  • It’s great to have unique post titles but should you write something that you think others will want to search for then use that in your posts title. A good example of this is a couple of days ago I (as Mammasaurus) wrote a post on how to go from to / .com without leaving WordPress (or Blogger). I called it “changing your site from to” as that’s what I had tried to google with no avail before I did it. Now I am a blogger of 4 months and not very good or experienced BUT I just googled that search and I was top of the results – not bad for a newbie ey? So if you are writing a post about ‘potty training tips’ or something that you think people may Google and try and phrase your title accordingly (I know it’s not as much fun as having a catchy title but you could bring in followers for a long time after the post)!
  • Link to your posts as you do them on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ . You can set WordPress to ‘publicise’ but to be honest if you can spare 5 minutes then it’s worth investing time in going on these social network sites and linking to your post. Be inventive too – if your post is about ‘toddler feeding issues’ (for example) then tweet ‘I’ve got a fussy bugger!; If you can think of something that passers by will think “ooo what’s that about?!” than they’ll clink on the link.
  • Use the ‘ALT tabs’ on your images. When you upload an image you can specify the alt tab (eg. ‘alt=”blahblahblah”). If you type something relevant to the image in there then it will come up in search engines! For example a couple of months ago I used an image of a 2p piece and typed the alt-tab as “2p”. A couple of times a week I some up in searches for people looking for an image of a 2p piece! Mad I know! Yes I know that they aren’t looking for my blog however it helps my SEO and also may bring in someone who may not have been looking for me but may like me.

    You may not care for the likes of SEO, it’s not for everyone. When I first set out I didn’t give a monkeys about anything other than my posts! As time goes on however you realise that maybe there are simple things that you can do to help yourself be found.

    In other places this week, I have been showing you how to change your url from ‘’ to’ with a link to how to do it in Blogger too for those of you that may be thinking of taking the plunge to .com or but not wanting to throw yourselves completely into self hosting.

    My ‘Newbie Tuesday’ column on Britmums squeezed a few more of you in this week -I’m getting round you all do not fret!

    Tomorrow (Friday 7th) see’s me guest posting on Netmums Blog with great new bloggers too so be sure to swing by and check it out!

    If I had my way I’d cram you all in – but I get a limited word count so don’t be offended if I don’t ‘big you up’ just yet x

    Thank again for all your great support!


9 comments on “Tips – SEO

  1. Expat Mammy says:

    this is really helpful, thank you.x

  2. Bod for tea says:

    Annie, a fab round up of useful tips, thanks so much 😀

  3. Mamma, you rock! One of my pieces is called ‘The Twins – six months old’. Not very inspirational I agree, but SEO wise it’s probably my most succesful post. Very good advice, as is putting your own backlinks into a new post to keep people on the site.

    I also like the ‘Link Within’ widget below my posts. That has almost doubled my page views on its own.

    I use Twitter a lot to publicise my new posts, and send them out at strategic times – i.e. when I know other mums and dads will be on twitter too, like in the evening, or before 9am. There is no substitute though for good blog writing, good SEO, and getting out there and socialising with other bloggers.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Some great tips. But what this rubbish about not being much good at blogging? Pah! You’re fab!

  5. markgomake says:

    Thanks for the advice Annie, this is really useful and put in a way that’s very easy to understand. I’ll be putting it into action, especially the bit about the pictures that’s really interesting. I had no idea you could do that.

  6. This is fab, thank you! Even inspired me to sign up for a mummy blog e-course!

  7. I can’t believe you’re a new blogger at all. You know way too much! I think this site is fab and such a valuable resource, whether you’re new or not.
    Great work!

  8. Great post and tips, thanks!!!!!!

    You don’t come across as a newbie at all. I’m a newbie and I still learning about SEO’s and what I should, and shouldn’t, put in my title.

    J x

  9. another brilliant post, fab hints and tips I need to start using, not so sure i understand the bit on alt for pictures….need to really look into this one as well. too much to remember,,,,me brains overloaded….and yes you are so so good at this!! your hard work and effort is appreciated

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