The Weekly Showcase 17-10-11


"Love New Blogs Weekly Showcase"

Welcome to the Weekly Showcase!

This week sees some new names in amongst The Weekly Showcase in every category so a warm welcome to you gorgeous new folk – we’re a friendly bunch and when you read an excerpt you’ll see any Facebook and Twitter links below so it’s easy to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your fellow bloggers. We love to mooch through each others blogs on here each week so if you read a post that you like try and find time to show that person some comment love – we all try and return the favour!

Every week bloggers can leave a comment on any of the Showcase pages to let us know of any posts that they particularly liked, who ever gets the most mentions is crowned the ‘Bloggers Blogger of the Week’

This weeks ‘Blogger Blogger of the Week’ is *drum roll*

(I should add at this point that she’s says as she answers these questions that “I’ve been up with trumpet face since 5.20am so I can’t guarantee they’ll make sense but I shall try my very best!”)

How long have you been blogging?
Since about March this year I think. I seem to remember a rare and heady burst of energy that made me want to scribble furiously and clean behind the fridge and stuff. One of those ideas was more worthwhile than the other…I mean who looks behind the fridge for chuff’s sake? Well, apart from me when I’m looking for Elmo’s left arm that Boo has ripped from its socket in a mini muffin rage and hurled somewhere. Take that Elmo! No more clapping for you, you over excited muppet.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new blogger what would it be?
Even if you think you’ve got nothing interesting to say, write about it anyway. Parenting especially, can be as dull as tiddle infused bath water at times (yes, I did just say that out loud and yes, Supernanny is so going to put me on the naughty step for even thinking it) but there’s usually something in even the most buttock-clenchingly tedious of days to natter about. Audiences are amazingly empathetic and I’ve found that people prefer to read something they can relate to rather than the pretence that every day is filled with ice cream, singing in rounds like the Von Trapps, trips to Alton Towers and riding unicorns. Besides, if they were, your smidgey smudge would be morbidly obese and trembly with nerves from one too many goes on the Corkscrew. 

Your favourite thing about blogging is…
Zee fame daaahlink, zee FAAAAME! Ok, not really. It’s a bit like diary therapy for me and it keeps me sane as I have a tendency of being a bit of a wibbly neurotic. I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t have my wee tinternet nook in which to stuff my angst you’d find me dribbling in the larder having a chat with the self-raising flour (not the plain flour obviously – so very very dull).

What blogs are you loving at the moment?
Older Mum – any blog with a post entitled ‘Befuddlement and Poo’ has got to be good in my opinion.

Mamasaurus – 8 kids. Holy crap. Although I believe according to some-ancient-law-that-I-actually-just-made-up, the amount of ankle biters one has directly correlates to how much gin one is entitled to drink. I knew there was a reason I wanted to extend my family.

Five Go Blogging – I aspire to make my Sproglet Bloglet as pretty and twinkly as this, you know, cos it’s worth it *flicks hair and struts off in manner of Cheryl Cole to make a brew*. It won’t happen though, my artistic skills are sadly lacking. Unless you count painting one’s clothes with munchkin poop. I am VERY good at that.

Tell us of a talent that we may not know that you have …
Despite being slightly more portly than cosmos fondler, Russell Grant, I can do the splits. It’s not a pretty sight. Oooh and I can also put lipstick on with my boobs like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club. It doesn’t end up on my lips like hers does and I do look a bit like a human Etch-a-Sketch after but I find a good glass (read: bottle) of wine helps with my aim. In fact, I find a good glass (read: again, bottle) of wine helps with most things really. Apart from driving. Or keyhole surgery. Not that I do an awful lot of that admittedly…

Name us 3 of the favourite posts that you have written !
The first one – about dangling my piggies into the suspiciously warm pool of parental blogging.

The one about wanting another poobum (still do atch…shhh, don’t tell the Hubble, he has failed to notice how I’ve suddenly become as libidinous as Hugh Heffner and have taken to creeping up behind other mumsies in Sainsburys and sniffing their newborn’s head) and the power of a quackie duck onesie:

And finally, the one about babyproofing and the perpetual challenge of keeping crumpet pants from abseiling off the bookcase and licking plug sockets.

And if you aren’t choking on some cake or spitting your coffee over the screen in a fit of laughter after reading that then I think you should go to visit your GP as there is something seriously wrong with you!

Well that’s it from me this week – surely by now you know the drill?
(and enjoy!)