Love Dad Blogs? What? Why?


Coo-eee! It’s me! Mammasaurus! and I’m a mummy blogger, I set up Love New Blogs a similar site to this showcasing newer parent blogger recently when I found that as a newer blogger that I felt lost in an ocean of more established blogs. The response was overwhelming from the blogging community.

And now comes Love Dad Blogs, the product of conversation with a father blogger at a recent event where I discovered that some dad bloggers feel a little under-represented.

My vision for Love Dad Blogs is just uniting father bloggers  in one place. I hope to provide a bit of a boost to newer bloggers too and create a real sense of camaraderie within the daddy blogging communities. I want to give you the potential to drive more visitors to your site and find other like-minded bloggers in our Blogrolls.

As time passes and hopefully the Love Dad Blogs  grow I will offer advertisement opportunites to businesses to bring in some revenue which I can use to cover the costs of running the site and to keep on improving them.

I am hoping that PR companies and Brands that may be looking for bloggers and writers may also eventually see our sites as a beneficial resource too.

The possibilities are pretty amazing!


One comment on “Love Dad Blogs? What? Why?

  1. Floydsdad says:

    Really looking forward to the 22nd, when the first blogroll goes live .. I’ll keep scouring for more of ‘us’ and try and get them to join in !!!

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