Welcome to Love Craft Blogs!


Love Craft BlogsWelcome to Love Craft Blogs! 

Love Craft Blogs is part of a family of websites promoting bloggers of different genres from all countries.

We feature a Weekly Showcase for crafty bloggers to join in and get noticed. Standing on your own shouting ‘I’m over here everyone come and read my blog’ is good but if bloggers come together and shout ‘OI WORLD! HERE WE ARE! ALL IN ONE PLACE!’ more people will find you.

How does it work?
Every week bloggers submit an excerpt from a post, any post you like old or new to be featured in our Thursday Weekly Showcase. In the Weekly Showcase all excerpts submitted get published linking back to the original bloggers post to enable the reader to read more – and ensuring any comments are left in the right place – your blog!

The best thing about the Thursday Weekly Showcase is that it’s just one post per week jammed packed with great craft blog excerpts. This is great for encouraging subscribers too – one post a week full of relevant great reading – what’s not to like?

We also have a Blogroll and every blogger who joins in (even if it’s just once) will be added to to complete with Twitter tags and Facebook pages – great for finding like-minded bloggers!

I am super pleased to announce that heading Love Craft Blogs in charge of all things Twitter and introducing the Thursday Weekly Showcase is *drum roll* Maggy from Red Ted Art.

Interested in joining in? Want some bloggy love? Then

to submit an excerpt please click here!

The first Weekly Showcase is Thursday 3rd November.

Deadline to enter is midnight Tuesday 1st Novemeber GMT.


2 comments on “Welcome to Love Craft Blogs!

  1. Alicia says:

    What a great idea!!!!!

  2. Oh yes please do tweet me @scrapbookerry xx

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