The Weekly Showcase 24-10-11


Hello and welcome to The Weekly Showcase – a Showcase with big news and changes too… but first…

A huge welcome to all the new bloggers who are joining us this week, it’s great to see some new names springing up and I’m sure that you’ll all show them some love. We are all about supporting each other on Love New Blogs so please try to make time to check out some of the other blogs in the Showcase – even if it’s only one or two!

Well I said a change and a change there is indeed in the shape of a new submission form! It’s shiny and it’s sleek and I warn you now it asks for all the information that I need to compile the Weekly Showcase. Since Love New Blogs began I’ve been spending upwards of seven hours a week copying, pasting and to-ing and fro-ing to blogs that haven’t quite sent all the information that is needed. this new form system will make sure that all the info. needed gets sent and also – and this is the nifty part – it’ll automatically sort your entries into the post ready for me to check over at the end of the week! It’s going to save masses of time and be a real god-send. Of course it does now mean that you’ll need to fill out all the bits and bobs and submit my the deadline as I won’t be able to fiddle my way in and add you after the deadline. I hope you guys like the form – it’s technical wizardry at it’s finest! You can find the form here or at the top of the page in the ‘form’ tab.

And now for the ‘news’ – We are now part of a group of Love Blogs sites. Love All Blogs is the site that now links us with Love Cookery Blogs, Love Craft Blogs, Love Dad Blogs, LoveMummy Blogsand Love Photo Blogs.  Pop on over and see what they are about – you may find that you may also want to submit excerpts to their Showcases too!

And now, if your heads aren’t spinning too much, take a deep breath, grab a cuppa – or a stiff gin and dive head first into this weeks Weekly Showcase!


3 comments on “The Weekly Showcase 24-10-11

  1. Oh wow you have been busy! This all looks fantastic. Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. SAHDandproud says:

    Some corkers to look through here! Wow! *Puts children on PAUSE*

    • Mammasaurus says:

      Wish I could! Got a 4yr olds party to go to as I am rock n roll! Will be settling down with a cuppa tonight and reading them though – cuppa gin that is!

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