The Halloween Weekly Showcase!

Last night I had the scariest Halloween nightmare ever – it was worse than a hot date with Freddie Kruger and Candyman – I dreamt that I had no new blogs to read – ARGHHHHHHH!
Luckily it was only a dream…Phew!
Yes it’s ages until the weekend and yes, chances are it’s cold and wet outside but have we got a spoOOOoky Halloween treat for you! A jam packed Showcase with a record number of bloggers joining in and a lot of first timers too!
*Waves like a mad woman* (Hello new folk!) We like to encourage everyone to check out fellow newer bloggers posts too and leave some bloggy comment love if you so wish – dive in and enjoy -it’s a great little community to be part of!

I hope that you all found the whizzy new form alright to use this week – I did panic that it would put people off joining in but so far I’ve only heard positive things – phew!

Our Blogroll has been altered slightly as you’ll see, if you get a spare half hour sometime it’s worth going through and by clicking on the ‘find so and so on Twitter / Facebook’ text you can find new folk to connect with. There’s a lot of new names in the Blogroll this week so it’s worth having a mooch through it.

And on a final note, don’t forget to check out our sister sites Love Dad Blogs, Love Mummy Blogs, Love Craft Blogs, Love Cookery Blogs and Love Photo Blogs. You can join in with as many different sites that fit your blog – have a great recipe you want to share? Love Cookery Blogs is for you!

Righty ho that’s enough jaw flapping from me – I know what you really want blog fanz! Here you go!


Care to comment?

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