Love Mummy Blogs Weekly Showcase

Love Mummy Blogs First Weekly Showcase – Woo Hoo!


Wow! I mean like, really – wow! So many of you have joined in the first ever Love Mummy Blogs Showcase! I honestly thought I knew most of the Mum bloggers out there (and my inbox certainly thinks I do!) but there are some bloggers in here that I haven’t seen before. And discovering another great blog has to be a good thing.

In pondering my theme for this first showcase introduction I have spent the week considering what constitutes a Mummy Blogger. Is it perfect writing, great parenting, sound advice or a sense of humour? Who exactly is she? Does she challenge our thinking, create delicious recipes and provide us with light relief on a fraught day? Or does she simply put herself and her emotions out there for the world to see? It turns out she does all of that, and way more besides.

I’m a Mummy Blogger. I’m not like you. But then again you’re not like anyone else. You are incredible women, with the passion and the ability to raise a family and write about it. You are cooks, crafters, counsellors, friends, parents, teachers, entertainers and writers.

In this showcase there are Mums of teenagers, Mums with health problems, pregnant Mums, Mums who want to lose weight, and tired Mums (so we are all the same, after all)! You have written funny anecdotes, frustrated rants, informative topics, and moving emotional pieces.
So I’m both honoured and excited to bring to you a week of great reads. Pick a few, or read them all, but please let each other know you have visited. Some are old posts, some are recent – anything goes so get searching your archives for your best, your funniest, your most helpful, your bravest, or just a post you wish someone would take a longer look at.
Because next week, we do it all over again!

Feel free to grab one of our shiny badges like the one above if you like 😉

And now onwards! To the Love Mummy Blogs Weekly Showcase!


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