The Weekly Craftiness!

Roll up! Roll up! And peruse the marvel that ‘The Weekly Craftiness’ – a collection of craft-loving bloggers coming together to showcase some posts that they love all in one lovely place.
It has been an exiciting week and I must admit I was unsure of the response we would get and I can honestly say I have blown away by the great bloggers sharing all things crafty. I even did a little dance around the laptop this evening – hoorah! Please spread the word about what we are doing here and tweet away like happy birdies!

‘The Weekly Craftiness’ works very simply, we have 5 categories listed below, click on one to be whizzed off to that categories page. If you spot a post that you like the look of then simply click ‘read more’ underneath it and you’ll ping off to read the rest of that bloggers post on their own website.

We have a lovely Blogroll too where we list everyone who has contributed to Love Craft Blogs at any time, it’s a great way of finding like-minded folk and connecting with them on Twitter and Facebook too. And if you want to grab one of our lovely badges like the one on the left just visit our Badges page.

And so I take you now, on a journey, a journey of craftiness and fun…Enjoy!

The Weekly Craftiness


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