The Weekly Showcase 07-11-11


Bonfire Night may have come and gone but there are plenty more ‘oooo’s and ‘ahhhh’s to come with this weeks Love New Blogs super dooper Weekly Showcase! But don’t fret there’s no standing around in a soggy field in the cold night air … oh no – this is a sit down in the warm with a steaming cuppa type affair.

Many bloggers are battling through NaBloPoMo at the moment – and if you haven’t heard of that yet you’ll be wondering what the dickens I am on about! National Blog Posting Month is upon us where you can choose to post every day for the whole month of November – yes every day. This is a marmite affair – you either love the thought of it or the mere mention of posting everyday for a month makes you want to go running for cover! Over at the Britmums blog there is a NABloPoMo group in full swing where you can add your daily post links in to share with others.

I’ve just started ‘looking after’ the ‘New To Blogging’ group over on Britmums and we’ve started up a couple of new discussions where you can add your Facebook and Twitter links as well as a thread where you can post to ask any questions that you have regarding blogging in general, from starting up a Facebook page to creating a badge for your blog – if you need to know, we’ll try to find out for you!

A quick mention about Twitter. If you are a newer blogger just starting out on Twitter it can all seem a bit daunting so be sure to make yourself know, you can give me a howdy at @MammasaurusBlog or @LoveNewBlogs and I’ll help you find some lovely folk to natter to. I know it’s a bit daunting being new and it seeming like everyone knows everyone else but parent bloggers are a friendly bunch!

So without further ado I give you The Weekly Showcase – show each other some love and enjoy!


4 comments on “The Weekly Showcase 07-11-11

  1. […] of the Love New Blogs weekly showcase 7 Nov […]

  2. I always think I’ll enjoy fireworks night but it is just a lot of standing around in a wet, cold field for five minutes of bang. I did like this weeks showcase though! Much more entertaining.

  3. AngelaC says:

    I think it’s great what you are doing, keep up the good work and thanks for letting our blogs shine somewhere! x

  4. So many wonderful new blogs! I think I may need to make another cuppa tea so I can sit down and enjoy them all! xo

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