The ‘Royal Mumness’ 09-11-11


It’s that time of the week again when we get to see what all you Mummy Bloggers have been up to, and I for one can’t wait! The blogging world has gone crazy with debate this week, so I predict some fabulous reads.

What’s more, for getting involved in the Showcase this week, we have a lovely prize up for grabs! This gorgeous Ceramic Bird Decoration and set of six super cute Coloured Heart Buttons can be yours, courtesy of Dottery Pottery, maker of all thing bright and beautiful over on Folksy, where you can find beautiful hand-crafted items that you just absolutely neeeeeed! And they can be yours completely free! All you need to do is comment below – your name and twitter tag or facebook page (so we can find you should you win)!

We have been busy reading your posts this week and have seen some awesome blogs that we didn’t know before. We have tried to comment, and follow all of you on Facebook and Twitter, so have a check, and if you find we’re not following you yet, please leave a comment to let us know so we can rectify the situation at once!

And now it’s time to have a relaxing/inspiring/emotional/maddening (delete according to preference!) meander through each other’s lives. You see, it is all about personal preference; whatever your reason for blogging, or for engaging in other people’s blogs, you do it because you love it, or because you need to do it. And we are thrilled that you do. So let’s leave ‘Tickgate’ behind for now, and start some new debates on the posts featured here.

Next week we will be featuring some of the Memes out there that you may want to get involved in. There’s no better way to access a new readership and make new friends. And if you’re in the mood to share your birth stories (ouch!) get writing, because there will be a linky for you to join in with.

Remember, if you are a new Mummy blogger, you can also submit a post to Love New Blogs. Likewise if your thing is photos, cookery, or craft, you can double up your exposure by submitting to the relevant showcase as well as entering here – find all the links you need above!

by Actually Mummy

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26 comments on “The ‘Royal Mumness’ 09-11-11

  1. actuallymummy says:

    Love that new look! Is that a badge? I want it!

  2. actuallymummy says:

    Oh god now I want to eat those chocolates right there!

  3. loving the pottery – so pretty. Also looking forward to reading some of the blogs and next week I will be sending mine in (do remind me though – in blogging tizz with NaBloPoMo!!

  4. Oooh oooh pick me, pick meeeee! I want the birdie! Come to me my pretties *rubs clammy mitts together and dribbles a bit*. My life seems so incredibly dull now that I’ve seen these, please help to make it twinkly and beautiful with them there lovely ceramic trinkets. Oh go on, I’ll be your best friend 🙂 x!/thesprogletbloglet

  5. I love that little ceramic bird – it could be used as a little door hanger as a “do not disturb as I am tweeting sign!”

  6. redrosemummy says:

    This is such a good idea, I’m so pleased to be featured. Those buttons are gorgeous @RedRoseMummy

  7. Maggiemou says:

    I too love the little ceramic bird, it’s so sweet – maggiemou from twitter xx

  8. sarah clegg says:

    Would love to win twitter name is sarahclegg2 xx

  9. Just spent a lovely hour reading all the posts and I love the idea of a prize as well. So pretty.

  10. paula says:

    I love your blog layout! Its fab!
    Those handmade pieces look amazing


  11. Ooh what pretty buttons! Would love to win them.


    PS all these photos of chocs and cakes are making me peckish 😉

  12. dillytante says:

    Gorgeous ceramics. Hope you have recovered from Tickgate 🙂

  13. Oh my, looks stunning! lovely giveaway!


  14. Jenny says:

    Ooh, just love pretty buttons!

  15. Make do mum says:

    Lovely giveaway, I’m on twitter @makedomum

  16. all lovely! (and please may I have the dolly mixture??) good reads this week


  17. […] handmade ceramic items from Dottery Pottery over on Folksy – swing on over to this weeks Royal Mumness and simply comment your Twitter […]

  18. Ooh ooh yes please to the prettiness! @butwhymummywhy xx

  19. Sarah Clark says:

    Handmade ceramics are always nice, but when you can wear them it’s even better!

  20. nev says:


  21. Fiona says:

    So beautiful – and so many fantastic blogs out there from so many inspiring people – thank you 🙂

  22. Robyn Clarke says:

    The buttons are gorgeous! Would love to do something crafty with them

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