The Fatherload 12-11-11


At SAHDandproud Towers this week we’ve been ill. Toddler lurgie. It’s the season isn’t it? Dr B, T and then K have all been down and we’ve not had a full night’s sleep all week. And then, just as T shifts one, he then gets another! We had a drama last weekend where some eejit had put a totally empty bottle of Calpol back in the medicine cabinet, which made me think we had another full bottle when we DIDN’T ACTUALLY HAVE ANY IN THE HOUSE. It was a fairly dark moment.
I some ways I think I’ve evolved, I think I’ve mutated, and as sometimes coughs and colds pass me by totally. Sometimes. This one hasn’t and I’m feeling a little ropey, but we keep on keeping on. After all I’m a full-time parent. I can’t take a sick day.

But if I was able to, if I was able to spend a long morning in bed resting my aching bones, then this little lot would be with me. So to speak. Ever since being involved in this I’ve saved a fortune as I don’t buy newspapers at the weekend. I read blogs. And this weekend I’ll be reading these absolute stonkers.

Thanks for coming to this site. Thanks for coming back again if you’ve been before. Thanks for stopping by, for following us and for telling your friends. We dad bloggers are small in number in the world of blogging, but we are starting to make a bit of a noise. I am man, I am dad, and I am a dad blogger. Hear my roar and tell the world.


Nick Cave and The Bad Parents

This is my first non-music related blog post (*takes deep breath*), which incidentally has a few music references in it anyway!
Last Friday, my wife and I took our kids (aged 4 and 11 months) down a cave in the Peak District. You’ve probably guessed by now that the cave wasn’t called ‘Nick’, it was in fact called ‘Speedwell’. ‘The Bad Parents’ are my wife and I.
My wife and I had been down a couple of the caves there on previous visits (pre-kids) but had never experienced Speedwell – the one with the boat – as the queues are usually massive. Today though we were in luck – we were first in the queue!
Just before we went in, spirits were high and we were beaming at the thought of ‘going underground’ (by The Jam). O. was a little scared but our excitement soon rubbed off on her.
An hour later, on breathing the fresh Derbyshire air again, our thoughts had turned from ‘this is going to be brilliant’ to ‘what the hell were we thinking?!!’

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Mills & Boon Wannabe

Part 14 – A Guilty Secret

Killing time at the school gates, I wonder how many of the thronging mothers (and they are mostly mothers) have a secret romance novel habit. Because it always is a secret habit, isn’t it? In women under 50, anyway.

And I wonder what they would say if they knew that the lone dad over there was not mulling over the multi-million-pound international deal he struck in the City that morning, nor thinking about the beers he was to have with the lads later on, but was pondering the permutations of passionate prose.

I consider turning to the mother I vaguely know who is sitting on the wall beside me and saying brightly ‘Did you know that I am blogging a romance novel with my sister?’. Then I think about how warped that sounds, and about how it would dent my daughter’s playground-cred. The jovial smile withers on my lips and I say nothing.

Which begs the question: if I am afraid to admit it to fellow parents in the social no-man’s land of the school pick-up, why am I willing to share it with the global blogosphere?

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Comfort In Sound

WooHoo Time to Blog

Comfort In Sound

My life drastically changed for the better early this year though when I met a very beautiful young women, who after a short courtship is my girlfriend, my housemate and the mother of our soon to born child. With her into my life she brought her 3 year daughter who, at times is quirky and weird is certainly a very lovable and when she wants to be cute child. I should add here that whilst fatherdom is upon me, it is quite a scary time. I have a fantastic mother and 2 sisters, a father I haven’t spoken to for 3 years with good reason. Only one of my friends currently has children. So the idea of being a father is very much exciting but worrying that there is not many people I can console for advice, In this respect I have two fathers I look upto my grandfather who sadly is no longer with us and a kind of surrogate father from my time living in Texas, he always had time for his children, whether they be step children, adopted children or his own children he had time, which I guess is what I aim for.

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Dad to Benjamin & Abigail

Dad-Chelor Party 2.0

Dad to Benjamin & Abigail

My first Dad-chelor party while fun, did not live up to my “The Hangover” expectations. I went downtown Orlando in my Mickey Mouse shirt with my two best friends. We saw G.I. Joe, then had a few beers and went home. No Dwight Howard. No Alyssa Milano. No XL1067. No wild animals. And worst of all, no Appliance Direct guy!

As soon as I found out we were expecting a second child, I started thinking about Dad-chelor Party 2.0. Hopes were high that it would exceed the first one and at worst, it would at least exceed “The Hangover 2.” What a let down that movie was, but I wont get into that now.

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I’m a New Dad. We have a 4 week old daughter named Isla. The more perceptive reader will notice an absence of weeks 1-4 on this blog

The idea was to write everything as it happened … then it all ‘happened’.

11 learning points as a New Dad so far:

1. I did a lot of ‘sitting on my ass’ in the Pre-Parental Years (PPYs). Your time is now very valuable, so learn to say no to the army of visitors. Good friends won’t mind.

2. You’ll have a sky+ box FULL of unwatched tv. Which means you’ll have a full series of Boardwalk Empire to catch up on. You’ll need a bigger box. I suggest 1TB.

3. Your nice PPY t-shirts will be boked upon and stretched beyond recognition. So just wear the same t-shirt. A week is acceptable. Nobody cares.

4. You’ll never finish a cup of coffee again. You drank too much coffee in the PPYs anyway. Alternatively start drinking espressos.

5. Your son/daughter has a well developed sense of when you are going to eat a meal. You will not be allowed to eat that meal. This is a bonus for losing your PPY beer belly.

click to read the other 6!

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Adeline’s Daddy

Tea With Dads 3

Adeline's Daddy

Today I’m excited to chat and share some tea with Kevin, a great Dad, amazing designer and just all around good dude. Kevin is co-owner and principal designer for Iron to Iron, and writes about design on his personal blog Encourage Others. We met indirectly through the blog world and his wife’s blog JenLovesKev, and it just turned out that we live within 15 minutes of each other. Our families have quickly become very good friends… 2 Moms, 2 Dads & 2 one year old Daughters… and A LOT in common. I have 2 videos below of our tea time Dad talk covering topics from our Daughters dating to enjoying the first year.

We have 2 giveaways for this week:
•Another awesome flavor, Lemon Meringue Pie, from which we sampled this week and it is awesome. More information is available here.
•This week, we also are giving away a tea print from DESIGN IT TOGETHER. This is an awesome design, print and all things related company, located right in my city. These guys are awesome, be sure to check out their site and check out their store. And don’t forget to check them out on twitter @DesignIt2gether

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Stay at Home Dad Blog

Part 4 of 4: The Bully Debate : The Adult Bully

The bully debate blog mini-series is in the final chapter! In PART 1, we discussed what might define bullying, touched on the idea that all bullying may not be bad and some signs to watch for if you think your child may be bullied. In PART 2 we looked at what to do in some bully situations and discussed when it might be necessary to fight back. PART 3 looked at bullying from a different perspective – when your child is the bully. The final chapter discusses adult bully situations and what to do when you feel you’re reliving high school at the workplace.

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So…Week 35


4 months ago I posted this.
So normally at this time of the week, I usually publish a blog post droning on about how far gone the pregnancy has gone and how we are playing a waiting game ect ect and that my child is the size of some exotic fruit only found in the southern west region of Zimbabwe.

Well my dear reader (As I assume I may only have one…and that’s you!) The waiting game is over!!

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The Vitruvian Man & Kinesiology (Part 1)


If you can look that far back you might remember a documentary called World In Action. A current affairs programme which ran from the early 60’s through to the late 90’s. As a child the subject matter made little impression on me, too grown-up, but the intro to the show did for 2 reasons:

The main reason was the theme tune, “Jam for the World In Action”, a haunting organ-based grind which inevitably got stuck in my head on account of being too young to know better but yet changed my whole perspective on organ music, after Sunday upon Sunday listening to them in church!

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Supersonic stress or a calm car to Cumbria?


The @homedad’s Guide to Stressful Situations* suggests that the two most trying things in life are:
1) Small children.
2) The airport.
That in mind, we’ve always made a point not to mix the two, instead going to great lengths not to take the former to the latter, that is, our holidays post-B&G having been taken a little closer to home.
It’s not forever, or so the argument goes.
In recent times, though, the clamour for foreign climes has intensified and it’s not just me that has the itch.

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Military Dad

I Love Mondays!

I love Mondays! I know, I know. You’ve probably beaten people up for saying that before. I’m also a morning person, but since I don’t want to lose any readers, I’ll save that explanation for another time. Hear me out on this Monday thing though.

I love Mondays because I have the opportunity to volunteer in my daughter’s kindergarten class in the morning. I love it, and it is one of the most rewarding experiences that I’ve had. There are a ton of reasons that I do this, and there are many reasons that I enjoy it. I will try to pass that information along to you. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to forgive me for enjoying Mondays.

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Goodbye, Pert Breasts

Brotherly Love, or Please Get My Kids Off Me

Goodbye, Pert Breasts

When I was growing up, the willy to tuppence ratio between me and my siblings was 2:1 in their favour. I never had a brother, neither biological nor black.

I’ve always liked the idea, though, of having a brother who is a similar age as me, but unless I go out and adopt a young homeless guy that ain’t gonna happen.

However, having fathered two sons thanks to the fruit of my own powerful loins and the egg from those of my wife, I have the chance to instil in them the kind of principles that I never needed. The whole ‘I’ve got your back’ thing, basically.

I want my boys to be best friends for life, to grow up playing football in the back garden, to walk hand in hand to the park for a go on the swings. I want one of them to see the other one getting picked on in the school playground and wade in, fists flailing, caring for nothing other than the safety of his brother, even if the headteacher is watching.

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Look, its Daddy!


Periodically my son points at something and says ‘It’s Daddy.’ He is 2 and a half. He is allowed to do this. Here are 5 things he has pointed to and said ‘Its Daddy.’

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Bringing up Charlie

For the Fallen

Bringing up Charlie

Robert Laurence Binyon isn’t a name we’d probably be familiar with if it wasn’t for the now ubiquitous remembrance ode, For the Fallen. Even then, most people are only familiar with those famous lines from the final verse…

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

And although it’s taken for granted that the words refer to all the dead of the two World Wars – indeed, all the dead on every side of all wars – Binyon wrote his seven-verse poem as early as 1914 in memory of the then few thousand British causalities.

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Mutterings of a fool

Lest we forget

Mutterings of a fool

A day to remember those brave men and women who have gone into battle so we don’t have to and although the process of going to war may have changed still do so today. I have school friends now serving in Afghanistan, something which I can barely comprehend. It seems such a bizarre idea that people I know are fighting for their lives and our country while I sit here worrying about whether we are weaning Matilda properly. Our children are the first generation who will likely not have a family member still alive who fought in the 2nd world war, I worry that this will mean they are forgotten. You feel so detached from wars today despite the 24/7 media coverage, they’re simply something that happens on TV. But we must not forget our armed forces that fight today or have fought for this country in the past, we should respect and honour them no matter what our view on the rights or wrongs on going to war in the first place.

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Gender Confusion?


I don’t believe in it, but what father hasn’t cringed when he sees his son do something girly? I’ve struggled before with how Ella likes so many boy-type things and last night I come home from work to see my son wearing a pink mini mouse princess veil and my daughter wearing her Mario T-shirt saying she’s a firefighter!

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10 Man Tips for Surviving Labour


1. Clothes – Wear Layers! Take it from me it gets hot in those pokey labour rooms and it gets hot quick! I was unfortunate enough to be wearing a wool jumper with no t-shirt underneath and apparently it is frowned upon if you are found bare chested when the birthing team walks in, especially if your partner hasn’t even got on to the bed yet. If your partner is having a water birth you may be able to cool yourself with the water from the pool but I wouldn’t recommend doing this during the final stages, the water is not at its best.

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I’ve Become My Parents

What is comment spam? And why it’s going to help me publish.

I've Become My Parents

Critics from around the world agree:
I’ve Become My Parents is the Comment Spammers’ smash hit of the century!

Spam. We’ve all heard of it. Email spam, text spam, Twitter spam, spam and eggs. Spam, in most cases, is just plain annoying. Remember FAX spam?

But maybe we’re thinking of it the wrong way. Have you ever stopped to read the spam those robots worked so hard to prepare for you? Well, I do and I’m glad. Here’s why…

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Diary of the Dad

Your shout, Dylan

We took Dylan to a Christening last weekend. It was the first event of its sort that we’ve taken him to, mainly because it’s the first thing that we’ve been invited to as a family – indeed, the bump that is laddo’s little brother or sister was also included on the invitation, a nice touch – but we may have been hesitant beforehand due to his rather vocal nature. Like his old man, he enjoys the sound of his own voice. He also has a penchant for rooms that echo. Put these two together and there’s an apparently irresistible urge to holler heartily.

Thankfully, our friends Darren, Maria and their little lad Jack didn’t have their afternoon interrupted by Dylan’s incredible lung power as he was a good boy. I have to confess that we considered leaving him with my parents as we were worried he wouldn’t be quite so well behaved. Kate and I had to escort him from a parent and baby group once when his ‘singing’ earned us a few dirty looks from the established regulars. To be fair on him, he was joining in with Old Macdonald in the only way he knew how without the benefit of being able to talk yet.

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Floyds Dad

Best I Learn to Skate, Dance and eat Bugs..!

Floyds Dad

Because my friends, I am just about reaching the point where I become ‘Famous’…. I will expand shortly.

Firstly, apologies for the delay. For technical reasons, there very nearly wasn’t a ‘blog’ today. You see, technically speaking it was an error to post a ‘tale’ on Thursday, or whenever it was, as it left me with nothing to rant about tonight.

… Floyd didn’t understand the command “Get Out”!…
Those of you who follow my ‘tweets’ (one day I will use the ‘inappropriate’ alternative, it’s just bound to happen!) will know that I took the boy Floyd out for stroll to search for a theme ( fear not, Fleetwood Mac all the way !)…. all to no avail.
It’s been a barren weekend Chez Floyd on account of the fact that the youngest slept out, and the eldest had a sleepover here. That cessation of hostilities meant there was only Floyd left to cause me any stress, and he wouldn’t do that to me !

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4 comments on “The Fatherload 12-11-11

  1. Floydsdad says:

    Massive thanks to all at the @lovedadblogs HQ!! I love this thing !! As soon as I have fed the kids , done the pots, done the washing, walked the boy Floyd, dropped him at the dog groomers, fixed the lights, done the shopping, made the tea, picked mrs FD up, dropped the eldest at her ‘gig’, walked the boy Floyd again and picked the eldest back up, I am going to sit down with a wine glass you could keep fish in , full of a crisp chilled Rosé, and enjoy the work of the Dadbloggers !!!

  2. I have to agree. I definitely look forward to this all week. A question though. Can someone please explain to me what “Calpol” and “stonkers” mean? Please forgive my ignorance. I’m an American. 🙂

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