The Weekly Showcase 14-11-11


Woo Hoo it’s Monday! We not only have a brilliant Showcase for you this week but also the cutest give-away for one lucky reader. I don’t have the foggiest what Bob Geldof was droning on about because Mondays rule!

I have no idea where all the new bloggers keep on coming from but they do so let’s indulge in a bit of cyber group huggery and take time to share some comments this week 🙂

This week we are lucky enough to have been given this totally adorable owl in a tea-cup print by Sparklehen over at Folksy.

The actual image measures 8×8 inches, printed onto A4 Archival paper using fade resistant ink. It is sealed in a cellophane pocket and will be sent to you in a card mailer (first class) This print comes to you signed and dated too! Owl has been featured in the June/July issue of the wonderful magazine, Oh comely!!’

Make sure to check out her other prints as she has honestly got lots of blooming fantastic ones!

To be in with a chance of winning the ‘owl in a teacup print’ simply comment you Twitter tag on this post!

A quick mention to make you all aware of a really worthy cause and a chance to win one of 30 prizes that have a combined total of over £800 worth of prizes over at Boo and Me’s … A Helping Hand. Boo and Me has managed to get together all these prizes from companies in order to raise awareness and money for The Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation which was set up by Chris Bingley after his wife committed suicide at the end of April 2010 as a result of severe postnatal depression; just 10 weeks after the birth of their baby. Please take time to head over and see what great things you could win and show some support to a newer blogger who is using her blog for a good cause!

We have a new badge! Thank you to Boo and Me for showing me how to make a flashy one and for anyone else out there wanting to have a bash Boo and Me has put up a tutorial / how to post  on making Easy Flashy Badges!

animated gif how to
<div align="center"><img src=""
 alt="animated gif how to" width="150" height="147" align="center" border="0" /></div>

So with all the Monday energy and love I can muster I give you the Love New Blogs Weekly Showcase !

Like Love New Blogs? You may like to join in over at Love Mummy Blogs or Love Dad Blogs.
Do you have a recipe lurking in the depths of your blog? Join in the ‘Friday HotPot’ at Love Cookery Blogs… Made something fabulous that you’d like to share? Love Craft Blogs needs you!
And if you have a photograph worthy of sharing with the blogosphere then Love Photo Blogs is the place for you – you don’t have to be a die-hard professional photographer to join in – it’s a ‘photo-snobbery-free-zone’!


37 comments on “The Weekly Showcase 14-11-11

  1. Ooooh I LOVE the owl in the teacup print! I’m not on twitter yet but I think I’ve just found my incentive to join. 🙂

    • Mammasaurus says:

      Oooo get your bottom on Twitter – it is fab! You are Australian aren’t you? Facebook is the biggie in Oz for bloggers whereas over in the UK Twitter seems to be the ‘big cheese’! You can find some great blogs through Twitter and it’s where this very site began and grew ! x Once you are on Twitter give me a shout @MammasaurusBlog and I’ll find you some lovely people to natter to !

  2. that owl would look perfect in Little Miss Sunshine’s room when we have done it up (plans for the new year!) Twit twoo!!

  3. redrosemummy says:

    That print is really lovely. Thanks for all your hard work on this as usual. @RedRoseMummy

  4. Deborah says:

    Oh my, too cute, we are MASSIVE owl fans, as you may imagine @owl_marketing

  5. Kara says:

    This print would look fab in my kitchen @chelseamamma

  6. Nev says:

    Gooorgeous! Twitter name is @nevrandil
    Thanks, Nev 🙂

  7. Wag Doll says:

    I love the Owltastic print! I’m @wag_doll on Twitter 🙂

  8. Bum – I missed the deadline. Had that nagging feeling I had to do something all Saturday. I loooove the new badge though – it’s fab. Must nag Boo and me for a tutorial!

  9. khloeeeChloe says:

    Howdy. This print is so gorgeous and I’m in desperate need of art to brighten up my plain walls! @khloeee

  10. Oh how cute! I love anything owl related. 😀


  11. Love the owl print and well done to Boo and Me for her initiative, this has made my monday a bit better already

  12. Super-cute! My husband has a weird obsession with owls. I once gave him an owl-flying session for his birthday and he thought it was the best present ever in the world!
    I’m @blurofwoodsmoke

  13. so adorable!!! i love owl prints at mo 🙂

  14. Aw what a fab little pic @TheRealSupermum

  15. My 3 year old loves owls. Do you remember plop the owl? Anyhow what could be better than mixing owls and tea? Lovely print, good illustration. @LittleDoers

  16. Nikki Thomas says:

    Great showcase and cute print!@stressymummy

  17. MishMashMum says:

    Nice bit of showcasing this week! Slowly working my way through the posts! Love the prize up for grabs as well! @mishmashmum

  18. mymummylife says:

    This would be so so gorgeous in my daughter’s room. @lucywriter

  19. dorkymum says:

    Ahh, it’s gorgeous 🙂 Can’t believe how many posts there are on here this week. Hope I can make time to get round them all! xx (@dorkymum)

  20. Who doesn’t love Owls eh? This is so cute!!! @yeswedohaveatv

  21. Bearpaw says:

    I am a total owl nut – would love this!!/bearpawcraft (@bearpawcraft)

  22. Oh my! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that print! So pretty!


  23. a nice original prize. @pooohbear2811

  24. Erica Price says:

    Great print! @ericahughes

  25. Have just started reading the weekly showcase and love it. What a great idea. And Sparklehen’s owl print is just lovely too. Random fact #324 it was Shakespeare who determined that owls say Twit twoo.


  26. Love that owl, he would look great in my kitchen which is the same blue! Thanks for the chance to win @serialcrafter

  27. Elizabeth Holdsw says:

    Beautiful print!

  28. my toddler loves owls and I love tea! would make a great addition to our house. I’m @The_Last_Slayer

  29. Torz Langley says:

    aww its well cute my twitter is @torialou78

  30. Such a cute owl! Thanks for the showcase too, and all the new blog love @gill_crawshaw

  31. catparrott says:

    That is so pretty, would be lovely on T’s room. @catparrott

  32. twit-a-woo from @byebyebirdieuk

  33. I would love to add this to the owls in my kitchen @cupcakemum

  34. Robyn Clarke says:

    Love the print, I’m going through an owl phase at the moment and this would be a great addition to my little collection @robynlclarke

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