The Friday HotPot 18-11-11



“What’s that sound?” I hear you cry?

That is the sound of me devouring my laptop in a bid to get to the tasty recipes in this weeks Friday HotPot!

“She jests!” I hear you cry

No! Really I do not! This week we have cupcakes galore, scones, brownies, choccy cake truffles, flapjack, chocolate mincemeat, millionaires shortbread, cornbread, pasta, pizza, family meals, some scummy soups and stews, gluten free pizza, allergy free flap jack, veggie meals… ah you don’t me to tell you – read for yourselves!

intro. by  Mammasaurus


One comment on “The Friday HotPot 18-11-11

  1. woweeeeeeeeee – I’m hungry just looking at the pictures. Awesome @jennyovengloves

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