Being a newer blogger can be hard at times and you can feel a bit ‘left out’ of the world of established bloggers. So if you are free this Friday (25th) and able to find your way to Soho, London feel free to join a few of us at a Bloggers Meet Up! We’ll be confirming the meet up point mid week once we have a final number of who would like to come along and are aiming to eat around 8.30pm with drinks before…and after!

If you’d like to come along and put some faces to names and prove to your other halves that there really are real people at the end of your laptop that you talk to please let me know by Tuesday 22nd November, either comment on here or tweet me @MammasaurusBlog !

Bloggers coming along so far…

Jennifer Howze from Jenography and BritMums

Actually Mummy

Five Go Blogging


Mrs Slummy Mummy



Romanium Mum


Mummy Barrow


Bijou Zoo


8 comments on “BLOGGERS MEET UP!

  1. HELEN says:

    sounds like it will be an evening full of much merriment!!
    Have a great time – I will be on a night out in Derby with a friend met through blogging

  2. actuallymummy says:

    New Mum Online is coming too I think! So Five and I had better curtail our plans to discuss our birth stories in great detail is so many important bloggy folk are coming!!

  3. Expat Mammy says:

    would love to come but will be house hunting in the Dam!!!

  4. Oh I would love to come but I am already out on a girls night out!!! Count me in next time. Have a great time 🙂

  5. I would have loved too however 1 i am working and 2 after last night I’m NEVER drinking again!

  6. actuallymummy says:

    Ok I will concede that Jennifer Howze gets to go above me on the Guest list…..sniff.

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