The Weekly Craftiness 24-11-11

Welcome once more to The Weekly Craftiness! A diverse selection of bloggers who love all things crafty for your perusal and pleasure!

Firstly a big congratulations to the winner of the super Little Doers child’s Christmas Craft Pack and £10 voucher for Candyfloss and Cupcake@WalpoleGirl !

This week see’s some new faces joining in with The Weekly Craftiness so a warm welcome to those lovely folk to our fourth Weekly Craftiness. Have we only really only on our fourth Showcase ? Time flies when you are reading great blogs and getting some super inspiration! It’s early days for this website and it’s been spreading mainly through Twitter so I would beg on my hands and knees like beastie ask sweetly that if you get a spare minute to Tweet out and share the love and mention the site.

Now I am not well known for my crafting skills. I’ll let you into a little secret – I get good ideas and i get eager but when it comes to actually making anything it ends up looking rather ropey indeed. When I was 14 years old I was given some NeedleCraft homework, sewing my own name on my Needlework Bag in chain stitch. Now my name is Annie but I got cheeky and sewed ANN onto the bag in question. It took me flaming AGES, about 2 hours, sat in bed snuggled up one evening – far longer than it needed to. And at the end of all that hard work? Yes you guessed it I had not only sewn my name onto the bag but alas also onto my duvet! That sums up my needlework skillz! And just in case you are thinking ‘Hey Mammasaurus I bet you are really a demon with a needle!’ here is a photo of a rabbit that I made a few months back for my daughter Queen Scamp. My family have told me that it looks ‘kookie’ which I think we all know is code for ‘really odd’!

Enough of my waffle fellow blog hounds – I give you the Weekly Craftiness!

Between all the Love Blogs sites (Love Dad Blogs, Love Mummy Blogs, Love New Blogs, Love Cookery Blogs and Love Photo Blogs) nearly 500 bloggers have joined in our Showcases – why not join them and find out what we are all about!


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