‘The Fatherload’ 26-11-11

So in the US this week its been Thanksgiving. We don’t celebrate that in the UK. For us at SAHDandproud Mansions it was a normal Thursday. Dinner was a disaster, my children ran riot playing with toys and I watched a bit of football. Absolutely nothing like Thanksgiving in the US. But all of us at lovedadblogs HQ, even the tea lady, would like to pass on our best wishes to those American friends who DID celebrate Thanksgiving. We hope you all had a wonderful time with your families, friends and loved ones.
So lets sit down and tuck into a feast of dad bloggery. No turkeys here, all will fill you with a feeling of joy for which you will want to give thanks till your legs fall off. I’ll let you say grace…
intro by SAHDandProud

This American Bite

Peanut and Chicken Penne – for one.

This American BiteWhen my wife, my best friend, and my son, my precious precious little man, are out-of-town, I don’t cook daily. I cook every few days and eat the same meal for lunch and dinner until it’s done. That sounds depressing and lonely, but it’s really not – I’m a good cook, so don’t worry, I’m eating good food. I don’t cook daily because I fill my time with meetings, volunteering or seeing movies my wife wouldn’t like, rather than sitting in a quiet house in front of the TV.

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“O., darling, there ain’t no appeasing you”

For today’s blog post I’m going to take you back to March 2008, the date my wife, our eldest daughter O. (then 11 months) and I went on our Honeymoon. We had decided to do something a bit different for this. Rather than spending 3 weeks on a beach somewhere hot, we booked to travel by car from Las Vegas to San Francisco. One of the influencing factors was because we thought it would have been unfair on O. to be in the soaring heat of a tropical beach destination. It was a great decision and without doubt the best 3 weeks of our lives – we saw the Grand Canyon, we drove through Death Valley, stopping off at Ghost Towns along the way, stayed in Yosemite National Park (our favourite place on Earth) and drank wine in Napa Valley before finishing up in the amazing San Francisco. O., had a great time too and charmed the Americans no end and they made a huge fuss of her back. Actually, I say she had a good time but we did get off to a bit of a shaky and the whole Honeymoon could have turned out a whole lot differently…
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Mills & Boon Wannabe

Seven for a Secret

The Slayer told me to reveal seven secrets. With a name like that, I’d be foolish to refuse. Here goes. 1 I can’t open my eyes under water. That’s why I’m a great admirer of Esther Williams. Not only did she not need goggles, she smiled all the time – properly, with her mouth open. 2 I love cleaning the loo. Not the really nasty bits, of course, but putting the Harpic Power Plus down and then scrubbing and frothing with the brush. As my Twitter profile says, I don’t get out much. 3 A well-known television personality and dancer once copped a good feel all the way from my left buttock down the back of my thigh while he was appearing in panto at Richmond Theatre, where I was press officer. I was at a loss to know how to maintain a professional demeanor and get the hell out of there without offending the star of the show, who was going to be around for the next eight weeks. 4 I used to be able to put my foot behind my neck. Not very useful, but a good ice-breaker at parties….
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A Jedi’s Cautionary Tale

DorkDaddy.com…The other major Star Wars event at Disneyland is the lesser-known (though not to any competent Dorkdaddy out there) Jedi Training Academy. At the Tomorrowland Terrace Disneyland Cast members come out in full Jedi Master garb and pick a lucky bunch of kids out of the audience to “train” as young Jedi. They get to wear Jedi robes and get to practice saber moves with “training lightsabers”. At the end of the event Darth Vader and a couple of Storm Troopers (as well as another Dark Lord of the Sith who most definitely was NOT there when I vetted the show last year) come out and the young Jedi get a chance to practice some of their new-found saber skills against some real bad guys. Naturally I decided this was something my kids MUST do… for THEM, not for me…
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Dad’s in the Kitchen! Blog

The Death of Mister Mom

Dad's in the Kitchen! BlogMister Mom? In your dreams. I was walking past the girls room the other day, and heard them playing dolls. One said, ‘This one will be the mister mom’. I almost dropped my rubber gloves and feather duster. I know. It’s real cute. Guy opens a diaper, calms a sick tummy, or gets mushy peas into, instead of onto, a toddler, and the six o’clock news anchors fall over themselves cooing about ‘Mister Mom’. Cue the laugh track. It’s time to bury Mister Mom.

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Goodbye, Pert Breasts

Are You Thinking What I Think You’re Thinking?

The other day my 16 month-old son, Noah, was ever-so-slightly told off by my father-in-law for messing about with the TV remote control. His response – which I’ve never seen before – was to freeze, possum-like. For a good two or three minutes he just sat there, stock still, every now and then glancing at his granddad, who was looking as bemused as the rest of us. He even had his little chubby arm outstretched at the time: that, too, remained perfectly still. Then, finally, he summoned the courage to crawl to me and burst into tears – which was good, because it meant I got a nice hug. But I also got to thinking about what must have gone through his head at the time; and this, I imagine, is how it went down. Oh my word, what just happened. Did he just tell me off? I think he just told me off. What do I do? He’s never told me off before. When mum or dad tell me off I just ignore them, but I don’t feel I can do the same for this man. He commands some kind of higher respect. What do I do? Just sit still. Yeah, sit still.
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Does Peppa Pig have a willy? Ohhhhh Yessssss!!!!!!

@homedadOne afternoon, during The G’s recent Gruffalo phase, she demanded that I use the kitchen chalkboard to sketch her favourite characters from Julia Donaldson’s bestselling book. I put up a fight, fearing that the result might prove a little embarrassing. In the end, the combination of The G’s persuasive powers and some hitherto-unknown chalking skills ensured a rather-pleasing end product. The main protagonists, all there: Gruffalo, Mouse, Fox, Snake and Owl, some better than others, it’s true, but all depicted to an acceptable standard. For several weeks afterwards I became a chalkboard bore, basking in the glory, requiring all visitors (family, friends, the man who came to fix the TV aerial, the lot) to cast an appraising eye over said masterpiece and not allowing them to leave until positive comments had been passed. During that time, all was well with the world. Then one dark night that still isn’t talked about here, The W cleaned the chalkboard and I found myself facing the greatest challenge yet of my fledgling chalking career.

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Mutterings of a Fool

Something to be proud of

Mutterings of a FoolAlthough it was very tempting to be a gushy dad and say how proud I am of being a dad to Matilda and soon the sprout, when I actually thought about it I’m proud of something even more fundamental and important, that dear reader is my little boys, my swimmers, my wing men if you like. Those little chaps have proved that Matilda was no happy coincidence and done their stuff again. They took on that epic journey and at least one made it to the end past all the obstacles and challenges (like an episode of 41 degrees North only warmer).

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Military Dad

Greatest Dinner Ever

I had what is possibly the greatest dinner in the history of the world last night, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the food (although it was really good). First I realized that my daughter takes after me much more than I thought, which made me super proud. Then, out of nowhere…wait for it…my wife admitted that I was right! I’ll wait for you to get back in your chair before I continue….Ready? Let’s do it.
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Floyd’s Dad

Back to the Future

Floyd's DadI have over recent weeks made the ‘virtual’ aquaintance of a fine bunch of people in the form of the ‘DadBloggers’. A group of guys who blog to a far better standard than me about their lives bringing up their kids. Some of the guys are ‘stay at home dads’, and some are ‘working dads’ like yours truly.Together with the ‘DadBloggers’, are a collection of supportive ‘MumBloggers’, who regulary pen tales of early parenthood, and champion the cause of ‘DadBlogging’, with such wonderful projects as the weekly ‘Fatherload’, where us wannabees get a chance to push our wares out to the wider world. I have questioned at times whether I fit into the exact mould of a DadBlogger, in that it’s a shade over 16yrs since I embarked on the great adventure, and everyone else seems to still be in the ‘Calpol phase’. Of course, whenever I have asked the question, the collective response, is a heart-warming, “You are a Dad, that blogs, therefore, you are a DadBlogger!”. It’s such a nice feeling to be appreciated.

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Why Our Children Need To Get Outside And Engage With Nature

3DFitLifeMuch as I admire the passion of an Arthur Scargill, a Michael Heseltine or a Martin Luther King. This isn’t another one of those “get-kids-fit” political soapbox rants. Well not much 😉
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Urbanvox HQ

Chocolate?!?! Yes Please!!!

Urbanvox HQLast week I received a little something in the post that kinda made me go “yay!!” and made a few people go “I WANT!!!” on Twitter and me giggle at them and tease back with photos like this one here:

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A gingerbread man earned

SAHDandproudOn Tuesdays and Friday I take my son to playgroup. I’m always the only dad. This Tuesday, an older girl came up to my son and spoke to him while we were waiting for the doors to open. ‘Why is your daddy here? My daddy goes to work!’ The mum of the little girl looked a bit embarrassed but my son said something that made my heart sing. Do you want to hear what he said?
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Man Flu – Scientific Facts

I thought I’d right a blog about Man Flu and the scientific facts. What follows is all FACT and really can’t be questioned. It has been proven that Man Flu is a lot worse than people think, normal medicine and cold tablets won’t help. Doctors advise also that doing the washing up, cooking or really any household chores are no good to man at this point. Things such as watching TV especially football and occasionally having a night out are very helpful.
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Thank you for reading – a remember a dad is for life – not just for Christmas…


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