Changes are happening on all the Love Blogs sites including Love New Blogs. Changes that will make it easier for people to find bloggers who join in and to make it easier for you to use.

As of Monday 28th November  the day of all the Love Blogs Weekly Showcases is Monday and the deadline to join in any of the Showcases is midnight Friday (GMT).

This change has come about as there are a number of bloggers who join in on more than one site and so these changes are happening to make it easier to remember when you need to join in by and when the Showcases are.

Another change is that you can also join in via the Love All Blogs site which is an easy to navigate way of joining in, visiting sites and where you can now find all the badges and information.

All the Love Blogs sites now link to each other in the top navigation bar – making it easy to hop across to another Love Blogs site easily and will encourage people to pop by here to take a look!

The form remains the same however when you have submitted your excerpt you’ll now be offered the choice to submit to any of the other sites- making it really simple to join in a more than one site.

Other than that it’s business as usual!

Thank you all for your continued support, nearly 500 bloggers have joined in so far and I hope you enjoy the Showcases as much as I do!


One comment on “Changes

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