05-12-11 The Fatherload


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Sometimes change is bad. Marathon to Snickers. Summer to Autumn. Tennant to Smith. But change for a good and positive reason is always constructive. And so this week we’ve put all our post-it notes, pens and other assorted stationery items in a box and moved in with the love behemoth that is @LoveAllBlogs. Change.

Once again, a great selection of dad bloggage this week. And while we always invite any posts on any subject, I was thinking that I might put the idea of a theme out to those people who might be struggling for some blog ideas. I know sometimes I do. Basically all my posts are someone elses, I just change a few words, add some swearing, and hope for the best. #nottrue

So next week we invite posts with ‘Change’ as the theme. Are you going through changes? Life certainly changes when you bring your first child home. Have you changed your car, haircut, sofa or gloves. Musical tastes? Shampoo. Underwear? I change mine once or twice a week. Its usually enough.Change. Small change, big change. Are you a Mr Change? I met one once. Nice man.

So, as always send it along to us, if you’ve written an old post about change, that’s fine. Link up. Tell your friends. All welcome.

I’m off to find my hole punch. I had it a while ago but I think that @mammasaurusblog took it and never gave it back…

intro. by SAHDandProud

This week we have a give-away courtesy of those generous folks at Wow Toys have given us two cool toys to give-away to one lucky reader. Wow Toys create fun pre-school toys that are specially designed for little minds – and fingers and have the extra benefits that they do not run on batteries at all! These are the two super-cool toys on offer this week…

Dudley Dump Truck

Dudley is a tough and chunky dump truck that tips, drives and even shakes. Turn the power dial to automatically tip out his load before driving off-site with his powerful motor with realistic engine sounds. To find out more about Dudley by clicking here

Harvey Harvester

Harvey is tough enough to tackle the largest fields. He has a powerful motor that drives his rotating thresher, rattling with newly harvested grain.  You can find out more about Harvey by clicking here

To be in win a chance of winning these two fun toys simply comment your Twitter tag on this post! Yep it’s that simple!


What does blogging mean to you?

SAHDandproudI was lying in bed thinking about how I’m not tired at 4.20am, but how I will be if I’m still in bed at 6.00am, when the sheet under me will have developed adhesive qualities and the mattress will claim me for its own. I was also thinking about blogging and what it means to me.

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Urbanvox HQ

Volvo S60 Naughty Track day at the Top Gear Racecourse 😉

Urbanvox HQA Year ago the guys and gals at Volvo invited me and a few other bloggers for a day at teh Top Gear Track to have fun with the then new S60.

I have never finished editing this video because it was taken on the day I took the decision that turned my life upside down and I’ve been avoiding the images of a certain someone…

Well… It’s been a year… Time to leave the past in the past, right?!

Enjoy the Video!!

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Dad’s in the Kitchen! Blog

Holiday Diet Demons

Dad's in the Kitchen! BlogHoliday diet? Are you nuts? Mmm, nuts.

By now, have you too accidentally misplaced the bathroom scales, in the driveway, behind the car’s rear tire? Have you decorated your large mirrors with thick flock? Are all your ‘lite cooking’ tips buried under stacks of colorful Christmas recipe calorie bombs?

If so, don’t be alarmed. It’s not your fault. The reason for this behavior is your home, like millions of others, is unknowingly possessed by holiday diet demons. Holiday diet demons (or HDD’s) are invisible, attracted to the colors red and green, gravy, and appetites. They have nothing to do all day and night but try to convince men, women, children and dogs this is eating season, anything is game, and resistance is futile.

Use this list to check yourself for whether diet demons are secretly responsible for some added jolly at your house.

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Comfort In Sound

Wrapped round her little finger

Comfort In SoundAs I started down looking at my daughter halfway into this world I was still unsure what this baby was as me and my girlfriend had opted not to find out the gender in the scan and spent the remaining 5 months or so having people say, “Oh what are you having” “Oh I couldn’t not find out, I mean how can you get prepared properly” as me and my girlfriend grin through our teeth thinking theres more colours than blue or pink!

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November has more days than February…

…… of course, it’s not really called that. It’s actually called ’30 days hath November’. The wife is doing this over at her blog, and she got it from this blog. so I thought I might as well join in.

This is the list of what I must cover on each of the days in November.

Day 01: A self-portrait.
Day 02: Three inspirational quotes.
Day 03: Something I never leave the house without.
Day 04: A friend I adore.
Day 05: Three years ago today.
Day 06: A book I’m reading.
Day 07: A song for the day.
Day 08: The last item I purchased….

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Military Dad

The Peace Has Ended

I was born and raised in a rural part of North Dakota (Yes, nearly all of North Dakota is considered rural, but this area was really, really rural). The house where I spent most of my years was literally surrounded by fields. The crops were rotated, but they were usually either wheat or sugar beets. It’s also worth noting that I spent the majority of the time in this house with my bedroom in the basement. Therefore, every spring when the fields were plowed and every fall when the crops were harvested, the wildlife that lived in those fields were pretty much driven directly into my bedroom. This included some rodents, and quite a few spiders. Killing the spiders was pointless. For every one that you were able to squash, three more were ready to take its place.

Therefore, I decided to make an agreement with my 8-legged friends. We sat down at the bargaining table and hashed out a treaty of sorts. The talks got pretty heated, and we had to bring in a field mouse at one point to act as a mediator. In the end, we agreed to terms.

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Goodbye, Pert Breasts

What’s wrong with this photo?

Goodbye, Pert BreastsEww. By the way, for those who think I might have typed ‘graphic childbirth’ into Google, I haven’t. This is one of the photos entered for this year’s National Geographic Photo Contest.

I know that as a parent blogger man I should look at this photo and say ‘Ooh, just LOOK at the miracle of nature! The magic of birth! Such an evocative image!’

This image is rather disturbing, which is probably what the photographer wanted to evoke, in which case it’s worked. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a film buff, but the first thing I thought when I saw this photo was that scene from Alien.

The woman’s face is contorted in anguish. One assumes this could be because she’s forcing a baby out of a hole that on any other day would be the diameter of a 50p, but upon closer inspection it could also be because a) she’s wearing an awful bra and b) her partner has decided not just to go down the business end, but get his face as close as he can to the action.

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Dude of the House

Poo on You

Dude of the HouseWhen I went in to BC’s room this morning to get him out of his crib, he was playing with the toys in his bed and having a good time. Suddenly he looked up at me, then pointed down to his central diaper region and made a proud declaration: “POO!”

Since we haven’t officially begun potty training him, I took it as a good sign. According to research, kids are usually ready to begin the potty training process sometime between 24-36 months. Since BC just turned 2 it’s probably time for us to start preparing for the fun. I think the first step is I’m supposed to save my newspapers and line the floor of the house with them, right? Obviously I’m kidding. Who gets the newspaper anymore?

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Baby’s First Calendar Pregnancy Diary

We Are Pregnant!

OK it may be a little early to be shouting it from the rooftops but we are so relieved after a scare that I’ll explain shortly that we just can’t keep it in any more!

Yes we are pregnant! We did a pregnancy test 3 weeks ago and it was confirmed. We called the GP next day and booked in to see them the following Monday. Scare

Angela started spotting the Thursday before we

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‘Daddy’s Beard’ – the debut single by Groovy Conker

Today O. wrote a song for me totally unprompted. I was very touched, not just because she wrote me a song, but because of the lyrical content as well. She is only 4 years old and it is brilliant. If she keeps going like this, my dream of retiring at the age of 50 could well become reality.

I have decided to therefore pencil in a release date of March 2023 for this debut single – 2 years short of my 50th birthday. O. will be 16 by this time (which I believe is old enough for pop stardom considering you can enter X-Factor and it was also the age Britney Spears signed her first record deal – and it did her no harm did it?!) and this will therefore give her a couple of years to build up a fanbase by touring extensively and I can live off the royalties for years to come after that.

Anyway, without further ado here is the song. Please do not attempt to plagiarise it, this blog post is dated so you won’t win in a Court of Law (but we could maybe come to some kind of out of court agreement).

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  1. Emily (@amummytoo) says:

    Brilliant, brilliant stuff 🙂

  2. Just visiting to see what the Dads do!! eeeuw!!

  3. mutteringsofafool says:

    Missed this week, but will submit a post for next week right now!

  4. redrosemummy says:

    Some really great posts here @RedRoseMummy

  5. Interesting mix of posts! @Tvraisedmykids

  6. 1978rebecca says:

    Love the robot wallpaper over here.
    @1978rebecca –

    Hang on a minute this is dad blogs isn’t it? *puts on gruff voice* I mean 1978robert – that’ll fool ’em

  7. I am shocked and amused at the same time, these dads are worse than us 🙂


  8. Emily says:

    WOW some intriguing blogs, will read on…! @EmilyJBurnell

  9. really interesting daddy blogs! @romanianmum

  10. Interesting Daddy world. Great blogs to read

  11. Liz Burton says:

    Aha, so that’s what Daddies do! (ducks for cover) @missielizzieb

  12. One blog on Changes despatched!

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    wow nice post 😉 @humanb3an

  14. Helen says:

    Some great posts! @leila_jo_mummy

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