05-12-11 The Weekly Craftiness

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HO HO HO! Have you given in and submitted to the will of Christmas yet? Well I can tell you that I haven’t! It’s not that I am a big super-sized bah-humbug though, I simply don’t  ‘do’ Christmas until at least the 14th December. I’m a fickle beast and any earlier than that and I’m fed up of it come the 25th!

This year I am determined to decorate our Christmas tree with only things that my two pre-schoolers and I make together. This is either a genius move or a total recipe for disaster! My theory was that this year they are both at the age where they can get caught up in the excitement and build up to Christmas Day itself and that this was a perfect idea to help them feel really festive. Of course we all know what will happen… I’ll me up to my arm pits in glitter, felt and PVA huddled under the stairs clutching the gin bottle…

Not to worry as at least I still have all your super-crafty posts to keep me sane! Enjoy this week’s Weekly Craftiness!


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