12-12-11 The Fatherload


So, as we lower our undercarriage and prepare the descent into Christmas, we here at LDB HQ find ourselves in reflective mood. And its not simply because we’ve got our baubles on the table. Christmas. What does it mean? The true meaning of Christmas? Time with family, friends, loved ones, or spending it with people you despise and counting the moments before you can run back to the office? Dunno. I’ll let you know when I find out. Not that I work in an office…

But one thing I do know is that Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, and these dad bloggers are the giviest, shareist men we know. No red costumes, beards, sleighs or massive sacks. Just a laptop, an internet connection and a ready wit and charm that’ll keep us warm through the winter night through to the first dewy mornings of springtime. Or as the Americans call it Springtime.

Here are our gifts to you. The Fatherload…
intro by SAHDandProud


Cha Cha Cha Cha…

PatchworkBoyThere’ve been a lot of changes at PatchworkPlace this year. The list could even be loosely construed to include socks and pants… although that could just be the hallucinogenic effect of NOT changing your socks and pants. [/me adds to the list of ‘Experiments for when I’m Old (& weird and smell vaguely of wee)’]

Regardless, these have turned out to be changes for the best. I knew they would be before they were effected, really, but that doesn’t stop me from becoming a fluffy ball of grumpy patchwork mumbling and sulking for the duration waiting for ‘the best’ to pull it’s finger out and arrive something like on time…

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This American Bite

Time for a change: Vegan for a week


This American Bite

Following Thanksgiving, my wife and I decided we needed to do something to balance out the high turkey and meat intake we endured throughout November. We decided to try a vegan diet for a week in an effort to eat a little healthier. We don’t eat dairy, so cutting meat and eggs out of our diet for seven days doesn’t seem difficult at all, and on the whole, it hasn’t been hard to change our diet. Then I got sick and found a way to compromise…

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Mutterings of a Fool

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

BIG excitement in this Fools household today, I had one days holiday left to take this year so decided to take a long weekend so that we could get the house all christmasy (it is December after all). The most important part being of course putting up the tree. We are most definitely a real tree family and as ever my role was stopping the lady of the manor buying one that was massive. They always look smaller outdoors, but then you undo the netting in your lounge and WHOOSH half the room is full of tree.

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Three Little Flowers

Licking the Cot


Three Little Flowers

With crying babies in surround sound I threw the covers off and stomped into L’s room to see what was the matter. Obviously her teeth were hurting so the magic Calpol was the only option after a little hug. In the dark, in my boxer shorts (steady ladies) and with a none active brain I obviously poured the Calpol all over the cot missing the spoon completely. ”Bollox!”

L under one arm, dripping calpol bottle in the other, brain switched off, there was only one thing to do. Bend down and attempt to lick all of the calcpol off the cot. What L thought I was doing I can only imagine! Why didn’t you put one or the other down to get a cloth from the bathroom and wipe it off I hear you say. My brain was on LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS ONLY, as they say in Star Trek, is the only explanation!

L just looked at me with disdain as if to say “If that’s the best you can do we are all doomed”.


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This American Bite

Godmotherly Onion Soup (and please vote for me!)


This American Bite

The Godmother of my firstborn is a wonderful young lady. She has fed us when hungry, given us a bed to sleep in when plans changed and we had no place to go, celebrated during the good, offered moral support during the rough, discovered the death of our pet hamster, helped raise our dog and assisted helped deliver our son. What more could you ask for than a friend like this? Well, I can answer that. She makes the best Onion Soup you have ever tasted!

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Small thing, but its a change nonetheless. I changed my avatar on Twitter. I decided that I would go for a picture of the me, as the one I have with the kids shows very little me and lots of my children and they’re getting older.

So I took a picture, fiddled with it a bit to look a little less scary. And boing. Up it went. The intention is to pimp it up a bit before Christmas by gradually adding a Santa beard. Here it is.

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Dad’s in the Kitchen! Blog

This Holiday, Please Don’t Drink and Dad

Dad's in the Kitchen! BlogMany men start adulthood – and dating, and married life, and pregnancy and fatherhood – with a drink, or two. There’s a connection in there, somewhere. Anyway, as time goes on, the responsible male head of the family recognizes, there is a time for having a beer, or bottle of vodka, and a time for staying relatively sober.

Especially now, when children’s thoughts turn to sugar plums and expensive electronics, it’s important to spare them the lifelong embarrassment, shame and terror that can come from being a careless, tipsy pop. This Holiday Season, as you’re getting your drink on, I hope you’ll join me and take a moment to see things from your kids’ perspective, with this Top Ten signs they wish we wouldn’t Drink and Dad.

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Floyd’s Dad

Waiter ! There’s a Fly in my Soap…… Again!


Floyd's Dad

One afternoon we strolled out to the ‘Welcome Bar’ for a refreshing afternoon beverage. As is the norm in Turkey, by entering someones cafe or restaurant you are subliminally signalling to them that you want to blow all your spending money, cash in your ISA’s and give them the keys to your flat. So, despite only ordering two waters, myself and Mrs FD found ourself scouring the menu, trying to look interested, and making small talk about how we ‘definitely will come down one night’. Of course we never did return. Partly because the owner stood over us the whole time we were there, waiting for one of to even think of being ‘peckish’, and partly because the menu was bizarre !

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Comfort In Sound

Paternity, Shamternity


Comfort In Sound

I mean think about it, Fathers are expected to bond instantly with their child in 2 weeks and that everything with family life is back and in a routine in 2 weeks! Thats absurd! I mean how are you expected to get the mother and baby up to healthy, 100% feeling and into a routine in 2 weeks. Couple this in with the thousands of visitors you have in this time, its nigh on impossible.

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What inspired me to start writing ‘musodad’…

‘Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes’ sang David Bowie in 1972. Little did he know that nearly 40 years later the theme for this week’s Fatherload was going to be on this subject.

The blog post I have chosen is about when I myself ‘turned and faced the strange’ (aka a screaming baby girl weighing 7lbs 7oz) and my life changed forever.

This is the story of how that ‘change’ inspired me to become a blogger…

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Weight Watching



I have always been a big guy and that was made worse when my mum died. I moved to live with my dad and if I have ever been close to being depressed, it was then. Due to me generally hating everything at that point in my life, I drank…ALOT. It sounds crazy now, but like most people I took a drink to bed with me, just in my world, that was a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka. Along with the drink, I ate alot. My dad’s wife used to cook absolute crap on a daily basis, so I would try and avoid it as much as I could. This meant eating takeaways, microwave meals and any other rubbish I could get my mouth around!

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Congratulations to the winner of last weeks give-away courtesy of Wow Toys – @1978rebecca !


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