19-12-11 The Fatherload


This will be the last Fatherload until the New Year. Thank you all for your posts and your continued support. Without you we wouldn’t be able to function, and we hope that we’ve been able to spread the good word of dad bloggery far and wide.

Next year we’ll aim higher. Spread the word with even more gusto. And hopefully have a good time in the process.

We all wish you a jolly Festive/Holiday period, and will see you on the other side.
intro. by SAHDandProud

We’re having a week off over Christmas – we’ll be back on Jan.2nd 2012!

Comfort In Sound

Is This Christmas?

Comfort In SoundOver previous years, I found Christmas was slowly slipping away from me. I love Christmas and all it stands for, but as you get older and have to work more Christmas gets harder to get into. I do love listening to Christmas songs and look forward to nothing more than uploading my Christmas mix onto my Ipod. Although this year it has been listened to significantly less. This is due to me not walking to work anymore, I live to far away so I must drive, and I must admit I’ve been rubbish at putting music onto CD so I tend to listen to the radio

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Listography – musodad’s Top 5 Christmas Toys of all time

Do you know what? I’ve run out of original blog posts to submit to LoveDadBlogs.

I’m currently busy in the studio writing new material but I don’t want to rush release something I’m not 100% happy with just to meet friday’s deadline. Colin Greenwood from Radiohead once said “we’d never release something we didn’t think people would like” and I agree with him wholeheartedly.

However, as I love this website so much, and I really want to be involved in The Fatherload this week, I’ve decided to submit what I would call a ‘blog post cover version’.

In October, the brilliant Kate Takes 5 asked everyone to submit their ‘Top 5 Christmas Toys of all time’ and here are mine. Given it’s less than a week until Christmas I thought this one would be pretty relevant as well.


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Hitting the Crossbar

Cleaning Puke from a Car Seat: A Metaphor for Life?

Today I cleaned the car seat after my son had thrown up his breakfast. This is not the first time that I have cleaned the car seat and it will not be the last I am sure, but while sitting in the basement scrubbing, my thoughts turned to how this unavoidable chore is really a very parallel to life itself.

Think of it, all the of life’s roller-coaster ride encapsulated in a simple chore. About puke. Don’t stop reading, that’s not the intended metaphor.

As I recounted the day, as I was still scrubbing, enlightenment came to me, as it would to anyone scrubbing a car seat in a basement (I digress).

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‘Cha Cha Cha Cha’ (ctd)


So… in part 1 I left my tiny l’il audience hanging on the prospect of me attending theBoy’s school play for the first time. In reality, it would also be the first time I’ve actually been to his school full stop. Oh, what guilt trips I have been made to suffer as a result of this fact over the years…

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Dad’s in the Kitchen! Blog

Do Real Men Bake Holiday Cookies?

Dad's in the Kitchen! Blog

I was hanging lights from the peak of the roof one year, and as I reached out for the farthest hook, trying to recall whether our insurance covered three-story falls, a small crowd gathered in the yard near the ladder. This is somewhat of a Holiday tradition. My wife sends the kids out to see if Dad’s done a header, and the four of them stand shoulder to shoulder on the lawn and watch, ready to dash back in the house to report as soon as it happens.

Now, that’s an invitation to joke. So, I swung one arm around my head, wobbled back and forth, and made like I was losing my balance. Which, for one icy moment of electric fear, high on the extension ladder and one hand’s reach too far from anything solid to grab onto, I did.

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Mutterings of a Fool

10 things every man should own

To be a man, a real man, there are certain things you should own, that should be at your disposable whenever a situation to use them arises. Things that when produced amongst other men gain you the nod of respect. Things that get you back some masculinity in a world of anti ageing creams, spray tans and spinning classes. So here they are in all their glory, the top 10 things every man should own:

1.Cordless power drill; for shelves, or just to make machine gun noises. Even better if you have a work belt to hang it from. Plus of course you’ll have to buy a variety of drill bits, bonus points if you get a really long drill bit for drilling through walls.
2.Wetsuit; a wetsuit shows that you may be a dad and have responsibilities but you can still walk down the beach in neoprene splendor and attempt to catch a few waves. You’re manly enough to wear something that no one looks attractive and become one with nature, just like the cavemen would have.

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The Drunken Master – What Makes A Good Coach? (Part 1)


We all teach at some point in our lives, so i’m shedding light on ineffective/effective teaching styles using one of my all-time favourite films – “Drunken Master”. Today i am focussing on Professor Kai-Hsien, understudy to Robert Wong in the film.

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The Christmas Party


I took the children to a toddler’s Christmas Party today, held at the local leisure centre, 10 toddler minutes from our house. It started at 12.00 and one of the organisers greeted us. It was organised by a group I attend, but I felt a bit bad as I’d not been to the group itself for a few weeks, as the kids have been ill. But I thought, since its Christmas they wouldn’t mind.

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Military Dad

It’s Good to Know That They Love Each Other

Both of our kids are terrific. They are incredibly smart and funny and just all around awesome kids (yes, I know I’m very biased here). When they are not around each other, they are perfect angels. They are polite and inquisitive and always very nice.

When you put them together, however, there is some sort of weird chemical reaction that takes place and threatens to destroy the fabric of the universe. The go after each other and refuse to leave the other alone. They poke and grab and hit and tattle until everyone in the house is on edge.

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Bah Humbug Xmas Lights

Ok its not quite as Bah Humbug as the title suggests but this is a little rant about people who have Christmas Lights outside their houses.

Now don’t get me wrong its not all houses as some look really pretty, this is about a select group who have decided this year that blue lights are the way to go and more so flashing blue lights.

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One comment on “19-12-11 The Fatherload

  1. Mammasaurus says:

    DADS ROCK! And I don’t mean the cheesy Jeremy Clarkson driving compilation Cd either…

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