09-01-12 The Weekly Showcase


Welcome to the Love All Blogs Weekly Showcase and we got a jam packed Showcase for you this week!

This week has seen over 200 bloggers join our Private Community Site and start talking. Bloggers have been getting in touch with requests for additional categories – you speak and we listen! The new additions are: Beauty, Charity, Education, Expats, Fitness and Relationships.

News from Love All Blogs this week comes in the form of our 366 / 52 Photo Projects page where we have a Blogroll listing all the bloggers who get in touch to let us know that they are taking part along with a weekly week long linky list to add all your lovely photo posts too. You can now find us on Pinterest where we are pinning all the images that we really love! If you are in need of inspiration this week please check out our Blog Hops and Memes Directory and maybe you will discover something new to try.

The joy of Love All Blogs is that you can show off just how versatile a blogger you are and we couldn’t let it go unmentioned this week that Here Come The Girls has entered every single category this week! Wowsers! Or as Yellow Days would say – YUMBLES!

We hope you enjoy this weeks Showcase and while we appreciate that you won’t be able to read every post in the categories you are in please try and take ten minutes to find your own post – double check your links click through (as we take your word that you typed in the correct url in the form) and while you are there why not visit the blog directly above and below your own entry? That way every one can feel a bit of  l-o-v-e 🙂

introduction by Mammasaurus


2 comments on “09-01-12 The Weekly Showcase

  1. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for mentioning my mission to enter all the categories. Glad I did it is week as I’d struggle wi the extra categories next week. Though I could do education and relationships.

    Think this is such a good idea to find more blogs to read.

  2. Naomi Berry says:

    Very exciting to see my teddy sleeping bag tutorial up there! Thank you 🙂

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