16-01-12 The Weekly Showcase


Bonjourno Blogging Buddies!

We have a very exciting addition to Love All Blogs this week – a new section named ‘Ask A Geek‘ where you can ask our ‘resident geek‘ any questions of things that have been baffling you or that you’d really like to find out more about. But who is our ‘resident geek’ ? We are over the moon to announce that joining is to help bloggers everywhere is Sian from  Mummy TipsGeek is the new chic and who is also  founder of her new blogger conference Cybher – an event for women bloggers from all walks of life. She knows her arse from her elbow my friends and this is a fantastic opportunity for you to get some advice! Think of her as a rather foxy, cool and geeky Agony Aunt! Click here to find out more or select ‘Ask A Geek‘ from the top nav bar.

We have one new category this week in the form of Love Health which will have Jenny from Cheetahs In My Shoes leading the way and writing the introductions – a warm welcome to her and many thanks for suggesting the category and offering to help. It really is that simple to introduce a new category on Love All Blogs – we aim to be as eclectic as possible and if you feel that there’s something not represented – film and movies for example then please get in touch and let us know.

The number of bloggers who have joined our Private Community Site has risen to 265 and I’m happy to say that they have been setting up their own ‘Groups’ and starting their own discussions. Our Private Community Site has a simple ethos behind it – if you want to talk, seek advice and debate then you can – it’s your space.

This week see’s Week 3’s linky for bloggers taking part in 366 or 52 photo projects go up – you can find it here and add as many links as you like for this week. Don’t forget we have a  Blogroll listing all the bloggers who get in touch to let us know that they are taking part.

Are you in need of blog post inspiration this week? Then check out our Blog Hops and Memes Directory where you will discover something different to join in with.

Enjoy this weeks Showcase and while we appreciate that you won’t be able to read every post in the categories you are in please try and take ten minutes to find your own post – double check your links click through (as we take your word that you typed in the correct url in the form) and while you are there why not visit the blog directly above and below your own entry? That way every one can feel a bit of  l-o-v-e 🙂

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3 comments on “16-01-12 The Weekly Showcase

  1. I love your site and am just about to take part in your 366/52 linky! Thanks for playing host.

    http://saveeverystep.wordpress.com – family stories past and present

  2. oh!!! I forgot to enter! 😦

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