Ask A Geek: Working iWorks on the Mac


Question:  I have recently downloaded iWorks to my Mac (which is new to me) and I’m trying to use Pages for laying out an eBook. I’m struggling with it, every time I try to move stuff around (I imported the work from a Word doc) I cancel the whole ‘box’ Can I get it to work like Word so I can cut, paste and delete stuff or is it an entirely new concept? from Mari’s World 


Answer:  It should work just like Word (mine does). Are you using a template option? If you are let me know which one and I’ll take a look.


One comment on “Ask A Geek: Working iWorks on the Mac

  1. Michelle says:

    Apple just announced a new app called something like iBook author. They developed it specifically and you can put all kinds of awesome interactive content into your books too. I just watched the keynote address about it, looks so easy, can’t wait to try it myself. You can also drag and drop your pages docs right into it. You don’t need to know ant programming, it’s what you see us what you get, and it has a tool to upload your book..

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