Love Charity Blogs – Support Breakthrough Breast Cancer


Kate on Thin Ice is looking for 90 generous bloggers to write about an important woman in their life  in 90 words and to join in her blog hop.  You can write about any woman that matters to you – a grandmother, a mum, a daughter, a friend, a blogger, a boss, whoever you wish.
Posts can be as long or short as you wish.  Somwhere in your blog post, please add the following  words and thereby help  Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

We felt compelled to join in with this great idea. I am fortunate not to have known a woman who has suffered with breast cancer but a dear friend of our family was diagnosed with cancer recently and so I’d like to offer support on a personal level.

My 90 words about an important woman in my life

Queen Scamp, at only three years old you watch the world around you eagerly. You have yet to learn of the wonders and woes of life. You inspire me to be a more thoughtful woman, to try to use the little dot of the world wide web that I occupy for doing good as well as talking about biscuits.61. I want to become a better person so that when you are a woman yourself you can look at me and be as proud to have me as a mother as I am to have you as a daughter.

If you wish to post your 90 words about an important woman in your life you can  link up here at Kate on Thin Ice.

“Pink Ribbon Bingo have pledged to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer all year round with 15% of the gross revenue accrued through online play on the site being donated to the charity.  Visitors also have the opportunity to donate a percentage of their winnings directly to the charity.  Along with the fundraising element, Pink Ribbon Bingo and The Daily Mail online will be helping the charity to raise awareness by promoting their vital health messages such as TLC (Touch, Look, Check).

You can also add should you wish to do so …

“Celebrity supporter videos on the Pink Ribbon Bingo website including Jessie J, Melanie C, Tom Ellis, Macy Gray, Sharon Corr and Kelly Hoopen – .

If you click on these YouTube links, you can hear Kate Thornton and Tamzin Outwaite’s support.




3 comments on “Love Charity Blogs – Support Breakthrough Breast Cancer

  1. Just lovely and thank you so much for your support.

  2. Mary says:

    You’re an awesome mum! they are all lucky to have you! xx

  3. […] what’s your beautiful thing this week?  A photo, some words (how about joining in with the amazing work that’s going on to support the Breast Cancer Campaign and then linking back here too?), a creation, a purchase, a random act of […]

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