Love Special Needs – The Spartacus Report – Welfare Cuts Campaign

The #SpartacusReport is the response from disabled people to the Welfare Reform Bill. In a nutshell the main issue is that the government is trying to cut 20% of the budget for DLA (Disability Living Allowance), when fraud figures are around 0.5% . This implies that people who are currently assessed as being disabled are somehow no longer going to be eligible.

The replacement benefit PIP (Personal Independence Plans) will be even more difficult to claim – DLA is by no means an easy benefit to claim right now.

Why are we writing about it? To raise awareness and spread the word – there are vulnerable people who need the support of society – all of us – to ensure that they do not fall victim to cut-throat cutbacks.

Showing support is easy – you could do these 3 things in the time it takes to boil a kettle for a cuppa!

There is a petition to ask the government to review the changes they are making to disability benefits – it needs 100,000 signatures to make any difference and is currently on 24,000. Please sign it:

Please tweet ‘I’ve  signed the epetition and support #spartacusreport #wrb’

You can find and message your MP by visiting  – it is quick and easy. You can copy and paste the below if you wish:

Dear MP

I have heard a lot about the changes that are being made to benefits in the Welfare Reform Bill. I am particularly concerned about the benefit cap and changes to disability benefits. It is my belief that these changes are going to disproportionately affect children and the disabled, and neither groups asked to get into the situation they are in. Please ask the minister to look again at these changes when the bill’s amendments are debated in the House of Commons, and please do your best to protect the vulnerable in our society.

Yours sincerely,

If you would like to read about how these cuts will effect families and individuals and opinions on the issue you can read more on the following blogs:

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Have you written about this? Please tweet us your link @loveallblogs and we will add it here.

Thank you to Jax from Making it up for drawing our attention to this issue.


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