30-01-12 The Weekly Showcase


Welcome to the Love All Blogs Weekly Showcase – your weekly dose of blog administered to you on a larger virtual spoon – open wide!

This week see’s the addition of Love Art & Design for all you creative types out there and in the past few days our private community site has gone public to tie in with a very special announcement that we have coming any hour now.  It’s great to find the word is spreading and that we now have members not only from the UK but the US, Canada, Cyprus, Croatia and Belgium (and I just know I have missed some folk off that little list so apologies if that is you).

We now have a better Blogroll where you can find bloggers – and posts- based on the category. We are beavering away and amongst other things are working on a system to remind you which posts you have submitted to which category each week to help you with the submission process.

If you haven’t already popped by our ‘Special Events‘ page please do so, there are some super things to get involved with.

Have a wonderful week everyone, I’ll be climbing to the top of Twitter Towers naked and shouting when I get the final thumbs up for passing on our big news!

Finally, tomorrow the draw will take place for Januarys give-aways and on Wednesday the ‘February Promotions’ page will be added up with details of what you could be lucky enough to win this month.

Mammasaurus – RAWR!


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