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Love All Blogs is lucky enough to have a volunteer resident geek and all round savvy lady to help you in your hour of need. You can find our Ask A Geek page here.

This is our Advice Archive where older questions and answers are tucked away ready for bloggers to find

Question:  I have recently downloaded iWorks to my Mac (which is new to me) and I’m trying to use Pages for laying out an eBook. I’m struggling with it, every time I try to move stuff around (I imported the work from a Word doc) I cancel the whole ‘box’ Can I get it to work like Word so I can cut, paste and delete stuff or is it an entirely new concept? from Mari’s World read the answer here

Question: Hi Sian, I’d really appreciate your help: I’m guest posting over at a friend’s today, and I wanted to do a linky post over at mine and send my readers over to hers using her blog button.  But when I paste in the code and publish (eek, which I’ve done twice now) I just get a silly little box and not the pretty button.  What am I doing wrong?  We’re both on blogs. from Looking for Blue Sky read the answer here

Question: Hi Sian, this is a really pathetic ask, but I installed a plugin a while ago on my WordPress self-hosted blog, which automatically shares new content to my facebook page. It was rubbish, as it picked ludicrous pictures to accompany the post. I now have Networked Blogs on there instead, which is great, but I cannot for the life of me find which plugin is doing the other autopost so I can deactivate it! So I still have to go over to my page and delete the extra (rubbish) post! What do you think? from Helen from Actually Mummy read the answer here

Question:I have only just signed up to technorati. Will this affect my ranking next month, if so is it likely to go up or down? How does technorati work, it only seems to list US blogs in the top 100. from Rebecca from Here Come The Girls read the answer here

Question: I am trying to link my tumblr to my WordPress blog so that when I post it goes straight to tumblr. Have searched on wordpress but the instructions don’t make sense as I can’t find what they are telling me to activate. Am most confused can you help in normal speak? from HPMcQ read the answer here



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