Blog badge problems

Question: Hi Sian, I’d really appreciate your help: I’m guest posting over at a friend’s today, and I wanted to do a linky post over at mine and send my readers over to hers using her blog button.  But when I paste in the code and publish (eek, which I’ve done twice now) I just get a silly little box and not the pretty button.  What am I doing wrong?  We’re both on blogs. from Looking for Blue Sky

Answer: There may be a typo in your code – or it could simply we a browser issue.
Check your code and if it’s good try uploading using a different browser. Chrome is the best for Blogger as it is also a Google product.
If you are still having problems use the original image file or take a screen grab of the badge from your friends blog. Log in to your blog and upload the image file (instead of using the html).
When the picture is where you want it, highlight it (as you would with text that you want to hyperlink).
Hit LINK and put in the url that you want it to link to.
Go to view blog to test it. Click on the image and it should take you to your friends blog.

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