Signing up Technorati and how it will effect my blog

Question: I have only just signed up to technorati. Will this affect my ranking next month, if so is it likely to go up or down? How does technorati work, it only seems to list US blogs in the top 100. from Rebecca from Here Come The Girls

Answer:  A great question!

Technorati now indexes millions of blogs from all around the world and it can take weeks or even months for your site to get listed.
When it does appear, your authority will quite quite possibly be 1 (the lowest score possible) and you won’t start to see it increase until they are satisfied that your blog is genuine and that you aren’t a spammer.
So in answer to your question, probably not.
Your blogs authority is calculated in two ways. Firstly by looking at the number of recent unique incoming links that it has and secondly by scoring how well your content matches the category of your blog. So for example if your site is listed as a fashion blog but your content is all about travel your authority will be low.
I hope that helps?

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