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The Multi Coloured Blog Hop

Trouble Doubled is celebrating her first year of blogging with her very first carnival – the Multi Coloured Blog Swap. It is a bit of blogging anarchy in the name of fun and networking.

The carnival is open to all bloggers – parenting bloggers, food bloggers, poets, crafty crafters, TV bloggers, or fashionistas, and everything in between. There will also be a separate, tandem carnival for any business blogs that want to take part too.

The idea is that we all provide a guest post for someone else’s blog, and host someone else’s in return. The swaps will be completely random and will be a round the table swap, where your host isn’t the same blogger as your contributor. This is an opportunity to get your words onto someone else’s blog and find some more readers, and to have something fresh on your own blog. We may also make some new bloggy friends along the way.

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