blog hops and memes on fridays

Family Frolics 
Family Frolics is a new linky that will come out every Friday and is aimed for people/bloggers like me who do not feel ‘naturally creative or inventive’ but enjoy creative and inventive things with the family.I love to have a go at different activities with the kiddies because I know they will enjoy it, and although secretly I wish I was good at them, I know that with three toddlers, the outcome may not always be as accurate or as pretty as intended. However as they say it is the taking part that counts.

Family Frolics Link ups can include any post you have written in the week about something you have done with the family. This can include things like what bedtime story you are all sharing, days out, flying a kite, fancy dress, tea parties, picnics, arts and craft, cookery! You name the Family Frolic…I want it in my link up!
hosted at: Multiple Mummy

Friday Funny
Just link up any funny post, it can be anything, a photo, something you did, something your children did, anything goes, as long as it makes me smile!
hosted at: Mummy..Mummy..MUM!!

Foodie Friday
Brief explanation: A round up of recipes, old ones, new ones any ones! A link up for Top chefs or like me, housewives who like to have a go, if you could link back to me it would be much appreciated!
hosted at: Mari’s World 

The Play Academy
Blogged about a kids’ play idea, kids activity, art or craft? Link up to the international Play Academy each Friday.
hosted at:

Fail Friday
At Parenting on the Front Line, our aim is to make you feel completely normal, even though everything around you may be falling apart. Fail Friday is where you can link up your blog posts of parenting woe. Craft fails, food fails, general parenting crappiness. Whatever you can share that will help the rest of us feel a little bit better. We promise not to laugh (too hard). Fail Friday has been going for only a few weeks, but is already popular, unsurprisingly. We would love to see you too!
hosted at: Parenting on the front line


3 comments on “blog hops and memes on fridays

  1. i have a meme i do every friday called Feel Good Friday, i post an image (no words) of something that has made me feel good either that day or in the week leading up to it. Generally something to put a smile on your face. i dont have a badge set up yet but it would be great to see more people take part

  2. Ju says:

    I have a Friday ‘thing’ on each of my two blogs:-

    On ‘Ju’s Musings on life’ ( ) I have ‘Fabulous Friday’ where I choose something or someone that I am finding to be particularly fabulous that week.

    On my foody blog, Cocoa & Fig ( ) I have recently started ‘Friday Favourties’ where I choose either a favourite recipe, ingredient, bit of cooking kit or cookbook.

    I don’t have badges as yet and haven’t worked out how to set up the ‘linky thing’ (any advice welcome!) but am hoping to do so soon! If others would like to join in that would be fab! I’d really appreciate a link back to my blog if you do so.

  3. i still run feel good friday but the blog name has changed to canvas & thread 🙂

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