blog hops and memes on sundays

Having successfully completed my 365 project last year, I became a tad sentimental when I thought about it coming to an end. So I’ve decided to do another one this year! Only because it’s a leap year, it’s called a 366. Join me on the journey that The Boy, and my photography takes throughout the year.Each Sunday, I’ll be opening up a linky for anyone who would like to add their favourite 366 photo-post from the past weekend. Here’s the badge for the linky!hosted at: The Boy and Me

Step Down Sunday
Step Down Sunday highlights a change we make each week to reduce our carbon-footprint. Rather than be overwhelmed by the environmental problems we face, we’re starting with small steps. Everyday is filled with decisions that impact our environment, and if at each of those junctions we make even a slightly better choice over time we’ll change our lives. Each week we post a step we’ve taken to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Big or small each is a commitment to our goal.hosted at: Another Goldfish


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