blog hops and memes on tuesdays

Snap Slappers
Having discovered the wonders of Picnik, the free photo editing site, a couple of like mined bloggers and I had a little competition to see who could bling their photo to achieve the most ridiculous image for their blog.
Having set the competition, word got out and more bloggers wanted to join in.
And so Snap Slappers was born.
Fancy tarting up your snap? Pimping your picture? Giving your photo the makeover treatment? This is the place!
Using Picnik, Photoshop or your photo editing software of choice, take a photo and then edit to your hearts content. Make it silly, ridiculous, almost unrecognisable or go all artistic, the choice is yours.
hosted at: Five Go Blogging

Trendy Toddler Tuesday

Do you have a trendy toddler? Of course you do! This weekly meme gives you a chance to show off your little ones style and find others who love fashion just as much as you do. If you are needing some inspiration, we will also do prompts for extra ideas. Little M will pick his Top Three Trendy Toddlers each week and we will promote on our Facebook page, twitter and on the blog. We ask that you link to us with our badge or link to the site. So come on over and show us what you got!

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Tuesday Tea and Sympathy
Have you had a bad day? Or a bad week? Are you suffering from the a bad case of the terrible twos, housework hell, or teenage tantrums. It doesn’t have to be a parenting dilemma – you could be struggling with work life balance or a partner who won’t do what they’re told. Whatever the problem, come and link up your bad day blog post.
Pull up a chair, I’ll put the kettle on and see if there’s something nice in the biscuit tin. Take a deep breath and share your woes. You’ll get a sympathetic audience. You see, I’ve realised the blog posts I like best are the ones where someone has had a bad day (I’m not exactly sure what that says about me). Don’t get me wrong – it’s lovely to hear when someone’s little darling has learned to crawl or that they have gone out for a romantic meal with their husband – but it can be tough out here on the coal face of parenting – and it’s good to know that someone out their in blogland is having the same issues. I guess I just like posts which are real – with real emotion and problems.

Shoesday Tuesday
Celebrate the shoes in your life. Take a photo of a pair of old shoes, new shoes, your shoes, shoes you’d like, your Oh’s, your kids or even a pair you bumped into during the week. Let us know what shoes have been hanging out on feet over the week.
hosted at: Blue Bear Wood


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