blog hops and memes with no set day

A weekly carnival where we pick a parenting subject (breastfeeding, weaning, discipline, education, etc) and ask you to link up any posts you have about it – new or old.
An ‘onomy’ means the laws or structures of something. While we’d argue there’s little structure and very few laws to bringing up a child (except that you can’t kill them!) we want to hear your thoughts, successes, failures and funny stories.
The idea is that Parentonomy will become a resource for any parent who wants to hear the wisdom of the blogosphere on a particular childraising issue.
hosted by Mummy Central

“Show Real” Video Challenges 
In a bid to encourage more bloggers to try out the medium of video blogging, I’ve come up with the Chez Mummy “Show Real” Video Challenges.Every two months, I’ll post up a new ‘challenge’. It won’t be anything difficult and will be based on something that should be fairly easy to film. You can make a video about that particular subject however you want to, involve who you want to, make it as long as you want to. There are no restrictions, just come and have a go.Then, grab my blog badge and link up your video post. I hope you’ll join in!
hosted by Chez Mummy

Life’s a Journey – weekly childhood memories
A Blog dedicated to memories and family stories past and present. This weekly Linky invites you to offer up a moment from your past for us to laugh at (sorry, enjoy).
Week 1 – My earliest baby photo
Week 2 – The Old School Portrait
Join in and take a trip down nostalgia avenue….
hosted by: SaveEveryStep

Describe the three books you love/loved in childhood, adulthood and parenthood. There’s a LINKY & badge.
hosted by: A Mummy Too

Working from home with kids
The aim is to compile a resource of advice, tips, experiences, background for parents working from home. Whatever it is that you call work, a business, a job for an employer, your blog(s), a hobby and a long etcetera, you’re most welcome to participate. The linky will stay open as long as necessary so don’t worry about rushing to write a post/article/interview and, if you already have one you did earlier, go find it and use that one. You can of course link as many as you think is relevant. I will keep on extending the linky so that the database is ongoing and provides a good source of insight.
hosted by: Feisty Tapas

Country Kids
Sharing outdoor play play pictures from the back garden to the local park, beach or any other. Promoting healthy fresh air and play for kids all year round
hosted by: Coombe Mill, Tails from the farmers wife

Sleep Training Blog Hop
This is a blog hop about sleep training, the troubles, the advice, the tears, the humour…anything sleep training related. My view is that there are professionals out there to help, but we can also help each others by sharing what worked for us. Join on the blog hop, post a comment with questions or advice, just hop in…
hosted by: From Fun To Mum

I’ll show you mine…
I’m starting a new meme. I’m very nosy and love having a good look at other peoples homes, lives, clothes, accessories – anything really!! And I think deep down most of us are the same. It’s one of the things I love about blogging, that snapshot into someone else’s life, and that’s what this meme is all about. I’ll show you mine, you show me yours!!
hosted by: Medicated Follower of Fashion

Life’s a Journey – weekly childhood memories
A Blog dedicated to memories and family stories past and present. This weekly Linky invites you to offer up a moment from your past for us to laugh at (sorry, enjoy).Week 1 – My earliest baby photo
Week 2 – The Old School PortraitJoin in and take a trip down nostalgia avenue….
hosted by: SaveEveryStep

Each week I’m going to share five pictures of little things that I’ve seen and liked. Things I want to have a go at,
would like to have or am simply sharing with you all.
And if you are feeling inspired too then you can add your own post of five inspiring pictures. You can choose any theme you like, in fact it could just be five random pictures. But you have to tell us why and no more than five, or there will be trouble.

Groovy Mums
Groovy Mums is a blog hop for mums who want to change their lives in positive ways whether large and small.
Individual bloggers decide what they want to change and then blog about it and link up. Bloggers then visit to offer their support.
Groovy Mums provides that bit of back up on the days where it all seems too much of a struggle to change and makes you feel like you are not alone with it.
Groovy Mums also is useful in meaning that you are accountable to something or the Groovy Mums group and can just knowing that you can blog about the good stuff sometimes makes you actually achieve it.
Try it, we are a friendly bunch and baby steps or huge changes are fine by us. It is your journey but do take that first step.
hosted by: Kate on Thin Ice

The best bits of my week
This meme is all about PMA! You simply pick the very best bits of your week, you can do day by day bullet points or a long post on your best bits, however it suits you best is fine for me. I open a new link each Sunday but you can join on the day that suits you.
hosted by: Love in the Nest

Blog Post Album of the Year 2012
What are your 12 (could be more, could be less) most favourite blog posts you’ve ever written? Have a think and then release and link up your ‘blog post album’ here.
Name your album, choose a front cover and then prepare to vote for your favourites. The winner will be named ‘Blog post album of the year 2012’ and will win erm…something.
Oh and if you want a rubbish example, musodad has released details of his album ‘Home is where the Hertford is’ right here…

2012 Bucket List Blog Hop
This Blog Hop is a place to share your Bucket List in 2012Perhaps you have an ultimate life Bucket List, perhaps it’s just a small “would like to do in 2012” Bucket List. Maybe it’s to do with your blog, or maybe it’s not. However fantastical or realistic your bucket list is, please come and share your own dreams & goals and be inspired by the dreams & goals of others.The Link Up will be open all year, so feel free to join in any time over at The Vegetarian Experience


One comment on “blog hops and memes with no set day

  1. Would this be an appropriate place to add My Personal A to Z Blogging Challenge?

    The basic idea is for bloggers to write a series of posts, one for each letter of the alphabet, with a personal slant on their chosen topic, creating a Personal A to Z of (cheese, Portugal, shopping, football – you name it, it’s YOUR challenge). It’s a great way of finding inspiration for at least 26 posts and writing about what you care about, one way or another. There’s no time limit so you can work the challenge around your schedules and share your posts whenever you’re ready.

    It’s all explained on the hub site I’ve just set up to coordinate posts and help bloggers find posts and people to link to:

    I hope to see you and your Personal A to Z there soon!

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