blogs hops and memes on mondays

Like it? Pin It! Make It! Link It!

Want to make something you have pinned on Pinterest – GO FOR IT!

A group of us on Twitter have teamed up to share our love of Pinterest. We don’t proclaim to be the worlds best crafters, but hell, we’re gonna try. And we want YOU to join us! There will be Cake & Crafting & Baking & Cooking & Fun & New Friendships & Prizes & Blog Love.

Good times.

So how does it work? Well, we start our First link up on Monday 6th February, and continue to open the linky for one week, starting The First Monday of every Month, on one of our PinAddicts team members blogs. Click over to Read More!
hosted by: Life. As I know it

McFatty Monday
A weekly link up to help us keep track of our weight loss and healthy living goals.
hosted by: MahliMoo, Me and Three

Creative Mondays
Add any posts thats got you Creative this week from making cakes or needle craft to taking picture.
hosted by: Clairejustineoxox

Magpie Monday
Each week I invite bloggers to share their 2nd hand finds – be it charity shop buys, car boot finds or skip diving treasures! The aim is to promote re-use and to show there is another way other than buying into commercialism.Whether it’s a book, clothing, furniture, toys or a real gem come and join the Magpies. Or simply take a peep at the links and be inspired. x
hosted by: Me and My Shadow

the LITTLE things are a BIG deal
the LITTLE things are BIG deal – a motivational MONDAY meme. (You may link up your meme Monday thru Saturday)
When you are a parent of a special needs child, you quickly learn that the LITTLE things are a BIG deal. It may be a first clap, wave or word. There is no such thing as a small accomplishment. And nothing is taken for granted.I will never forget the first time The Boy pointed his finger. It had taken weeks of ABA therapy and crying and resistance. But the first time The Boy pointed his finger independently, we (the therapist, me, my mother & The Husband) were all home and we jumped up and down, smothering The Boy with kisses and praise.Had it not been for autism, I may not have recalled the day The Boy first pointed his finger.But you don’t need to be a special needs blog writer to link up. We all have LITTLE things that are a BIG deal. In our home, we celebrate everything. And I want to celebrate your “little” things here.hosted at: AutismWonderland

Mix-Tape Monday
The perfect feel good Monday meme!
Swing by every Thursday to check out the theme for the week and come back on Monday to share your link (and your musical tastes) with the world. There’s a new theme each week, and it’s as simple as posting a link to YouTube. Write about your choice if you like or leave it up to interpretation!
Start the week by turning it up loud, singing at the top of your voice and dance like no one’s watching!
hosted at: I Want My Mummy

Medal Monday
At Parenting on the Front Line we see raising our children as a series of battles, and while we may lose the odd battle our ultimate aim is to win the war. Medal Monday celebrates our parenting victory stories. If you’ve written a blog post about a success, a victory or of something you are proud of, then come over on a Monday and link it in. You can link a new or old post, about any aspect of life as a parent. We would love to see you.
hosted at: Parenting on the front line


One comment on “blogs hops and memes on mondays

  1. […] wasnt sure what to blog about today so i wandered over to Love All Blogs meme section to find some inspiration. I found it in Autism Wonderland meme called the little things are a big […]

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