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23-01-12 – Love Lifestyle Weekly Showcase

Last week here at Lifestyle, MummyMusings wrote about the things she wants to achieve in 2012. Not ‘new year’s resolutions’, she said, but things that she’d like to do this year.
This got me thinking. ‘Things I’d like to do’ sounds more realistic than ‘resolutions I’m not going to make, because I’ll never keep them’ (such as cleaning the cooker, hoovering the inside of the car, and checking through bank statements).
MummyMusings’ list included having another baby, which I rather hope I don’t manage to do in 2012. But if babies aren’t on the must-do list, what would I like to do this year?
1. Finish at least two rooms of our renovation project. Given that the first two rooms have taken us two years, this might be over-optimistic.
2. Get a dog. Because I am nostalgic about the potty training years, and feel that I don’t have quite enough on my plate yet.
3. Go to bed after my children. Parents of pre-schoolers take note. There will come a time when you are asleep at 9 pm and your offspring are still flopping around the kitchen wanting more food. Even if I did want 2012 to be the Year of the Third Baby, it would have to be an immaculate conception due to lack of opportunity.
4. Find a dress that fits me top and bottom. I have been looking for this for at least 15 years, but who knows? 2012 could be the year of the pear-shaped dress.
5. Go camping. I am even more nostalgic about Girl Guides than I am about potty training. So if you see a mad puppy-clutching mother asleep at 9 pm in a tent this summer, do come and say hello… 

Introduction kindly written by Maid in Yorkshire.

Living it Little – How to be a Chicken Keeper

Have you ever fancied keeping chickens, but you’re not sure where to start? Then allow me to pass on some tips.

The art of chicken keeping is becoming ever more popular. I know this because we can now buy our chicken food in Pets at Home, rather than having to trek to a rural pet supplier. We’ve been at it for almost three years now and have never regretted it.

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The Baby Wife – The Toxic Friend

The Toxic Friend

The Toxic Friend

Have you been unlucky enough to have one?

I’ve have. And it took a long time to realise that she wasn’t displaying normal friend behaviour. Looking back now, it was so glaringly obvious, I’m not quite sure where I left my brain for the entirety of this ‘friendship’

On more than one occassion she –

– Dictated where we went. If she didn’t want to go somewhere, no-one went. She was skilled in the art of the grown up tantrum, making us all submit to her, ‘just for an easy life’

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Bad Fiction – There’s a recession. So I quit work.

There's a recession. So I quit work.

Today I decided to hand in my notice. My head is thinking I am a crazy fool. There’s a recession on, and there is no work out there, certainly not locally anyway. But I also know it’s the right thing to do – my heart says so. And luckily the husband agrees.

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Misterdoctorbeckymark2 – Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend

So I’ve recently complained to the BBC as they are canceling SFTW by March! the thing that makes me laugh is the wishy washy reply I got from the BBC, I suppose I should count myself lucky that I got a reply at all? I find it a darn shame that an entertaining show like SFTW is being cancelled! Even though Tim Lovejoy is an avid Chelsea supporter, which is wrong on so many levels, his presenting skills have luckily not suffered because of this!Louise Redknapp is a pleasure to watch, she is not just wonderful to look at…

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Romanian mum in London – My wishes for 2012

2012!!! Already? The last year seems a dream already and it’s only one day away! Some of my fellow mummy bloggers posted their resolutions for the upcoming year. For me the word resolution sounds a bit too harsh – maybe is the Romanian in me that doesn’t understand the exact meaning???? – it sounds like something I am going to have to do and i don’t want to put any pressure on myself.

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Guest Blog & competition by bambino beads …. – Decembers Debts and budgeting blues….

News that Tesco’s sales were down over the 2011 Christmas period, highlights how, families in particular, budget their money making more conscious decisions regarding purchases.

Returning to a thriftier way of living may not be bad, however, before we can embrace this sort of change, the Debt Dragons on our Doorstep need to be tamed and the Skeletons in our Mental/Emotional Closets need to be cleared!

There are a number of charities that can help. We will be blogging about some of the organisations that can help you kick start the new year with a fresh plan of action

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My Funny Mummy – First Run

First Run

I haven’t run anywhere, at all, since November 2010.
It was always going to be hard. It was always going to hurt. It was always going to be embarrassing. But


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Dear Beautiful Boy – inspired – a dreamy living room

inspired - a dreamy living room

I’ve talked about my love of white on more than one occasion.
But in the very near future
some new white lovelies will be entering my life
and I’m just a little bit excited about it.
So excited that I will want to play house for a fair while after they arrive,
making things pretty,
taking pictures,
moving things about,
making things more pretty,
taking more pictures.

So this week’s inspired is all about
dreamy, gorgeous, luxurious,
lovely living rooms.

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House With No Name – My treasured Catherine Walker dress

My treasured Catherine Walker dress

Sitting on the top deck of the number 49 bus every morning as I travelled from Battersea to Fleet Street I used to gaze down at Catherine Walker’s simple, white-painted shop in Chelsea’s Sydney Street and marvel at her creations. I dreamed of buying one of her dresses – and one day I threw caution to the wind and actually did. I saved up my work expenses for weeks, keeping them in a battered brown envelope till I had enough. Then, clutching the envelope in my eager hand I went into the shop and bought a stunning navy dress.

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WAHM-BAM! – The dreams of a dog walker

The dreams of a dog walker

Some people set the world to rights while walking the dog – solving the economy problems, ending war and famine… some people meditate… some people watch the skies and the trees and nature… and some people spend huge amounts of money furnishing houses that are far too big for their family. Hmm… that does make it sound bad. But there we go, that’s what I do. When I’m not writing a chapter of my novel or a blog post, that is.

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The SunTrooper Sun Protection Blog – why uv protection

why uv protection

Why UV Protection?

Skin cancer is now the most common type of cancer in the World, most people get skin cancer from too much sun — or tanning beds. Melanoma is now the most common cancer in young people aged between 12-24 years (Cancer Research UK).

Despite the fact the sun’s rays are getting stronger as a result of climate change and the thinning ozone layer, much of this increase is behaviorally driven with four out of five cases of skin cancer being preventable by sensible behavior, especially during childhood.

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Minibreak Mummy – Magpie Monday – portable typewriter

Magpie Monday - portable typewriter

This Magpie Monday post features a lovely 1970s portable Imperial typewriter which I found in mint condition on eBay (the person selling it suspected it had never been used). I was so excited to find this because it brings back happy memories of typing little books when I was a teenager using my uncle’s hand-me-down Olympus typewriter. I’m also hoping that I might get round to doing some typed labels for Christmas presents this year. I was impressed that it uses standard typewriter ribbons (still sold by Rymans) so it’s still usable.

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Views From The Lounge Window – ‘Table for one, Madame? ’ … HELL YES!

‘Table for one, Madame? ’ …  HELL YES!

God, I realise that I must be in a minority, but I do just love Monday mornings! Now I know most people don’t and to be honest that’s not surprising, as for them it’s the start of the working week, but for me it’s just a wonderful time. For me it’s a time to cherish and to regroup from the weekend, to relish the stillness of my house, the peace and quiet and the fact it’s now just me and Doris to keep each other company. Of course and without doubt, I adore my family, but sometimes, just sometimes …

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I need curtains for the window in my head… – Questions, questions, so many questions…

This is my last six months of being in my 20’s. The stark realisation of entering my third decade is beginning to throw up a lot of questions. Who was I in my 20’s? Who do I want to be/will I be in my 30’s? What kind of person have I turned into? Am I happy/proud with myself and what I’ve achieved so far? Where will the next 10 years take me? It’s a fairly confusing time.

So I’ve decided to start writing a short series of blog posts to get myself to answer some of these questions as a

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An Essex Wife – Can I resist the sales? Not if Cath Kidston has anything to do with it!

January – the month I have to hide my cash cards when online to prevent me from spending my life savings on extremely gorgeous items for my home and children (and a few bits for me I suppose as well!)

Well, so far so good, I haven’t spent a penny yet – however I have just checked out the Cath Kidston sale online and my hand has been lingering over the ‘add to cart’ button for a little longer than it really should!! I have a feeling my resolve may not last much longer.

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Margot and Barbara – Grow What You Like

Grow What You Like

It’s the time of year when I rarely make it to the allotment and instead spend far too much time planning what I will be growing in the Spring. The mild weather we’ve been having has forced me out of the house on a few occasions this winter, but now it’s colder, the ground has frozen. At the moment, all I have in the ground is some over-wintering onions and garlic, which have started to grow but will now lie dormant until the weather warms up again.

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the year i quit my life – the legacy of the last to leave

I’ve always been a little conservative. Growing up in a family with four children, this was particularly evident. I was the child who put herself to bed while the others were lodging their cases regarding whether they’d eaten enough of their dinner to warrant dessert, or bickering over who should get the next turn on the Nintendo. Since ever I can remember I was self appointed dish rinser and bath runner, ate fruit because it was good for me and it never had to be asked; I had always done my homework.

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Coombe Mill: Tails from the Farmers Wife – Family Fun at The Eden Project

Family Fun at The Eden Project

Fun for our children began as soon as they left the car. Who could miss out on running up and down the grassy slopes on the way in, or playing around the huge driftwood horse!

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