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23-01-12 love charity weekly showcase

Hello all, Wow, what a turn out last week.  I was a tiny bit scared that I would be the only blog post in the Charity category but I should have known that you lot rock and you would not let us down!
Let me point you to a post from the showcase last week that really struck me, it is from The Girl Behind blog and is about helping homeless people. Louise describes helping people as a privilege and a two way street and I could not agree more. Currently I am helping a lady who has fallen into a terrible state and her children are in care but in helping her I have been so blessed and made a wonderful friend. Sometimes when we step outside our little bubbles we realise that there is so much going on in the world and we can help in so many little ways that cost no money at all. I’ll leave you with that thought for this week.
Now read and enjoy…

Mich x

Introduction kindly written by Michelle from Mummy From The Heart…

I’m Counting UFOs – Tea Cosies That Are Good For The Soul

Tea Cosies That Are Good For The Soul

I recently posted on the Pretty Little Hooky Things facebook page that I had some exciting news to share.

I am hugely pleased to announce I am going to be working with an amazing local charity, The Society of St James, this year, in honour of their 40th year helping the homeless in Southampton and Hampshire.

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My Rusty Halos – Beat bullying

Beatbullying is a charity that aims to help young people struggling with bullying. Among other projects they provide training to groups ranging from 5 – 25 years old giving them the opportunity to support each other through peer to peer mentoring. Professional counsellors are also available for any cases that become serious.

If your child is bullying or being bullied the charity offer parents…

If your child would like to talk to someone about being bullied pass this website on to them…

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Pinkoddy’s Blog – Merlin’s Magic Wand

Merlin's Magic Wand

Merlin’s Magic Wand is a worldwide charity for children, aiming to provide magical experiences for those who are seriously ill, disabled or disadvantaged.

Basically I applied to them through e-mail, on behalf of my oldest who has Aspergers Syndrome, and they asked where I wanted to go, why, and how it would benefit us.

My boys LOVE Lego – and it is the one thing that brings them together despite the ages gaps and the disability that my oldest has – so I asked for us to go to Legoland Windsor

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Mammasaurus – The Grand Love Mental Health Blog Hop – to raise awareness of Black Dog Tribe

The Grand Love Mental Health Blog Hop - to raise awareness of Black Dog Tribe

You may recall last month I wrote a series of post on my life with mental illness to raise awareness of Ruby Wax’s new mental heath social network Black Dog Tribe.

Over on Love All Blogs today we are launching a year long ‘The Grand Love Mental Health Blog Hop‘ which we hope will not only raise awareness of Black Dog Tribe but will also give us an idea of the true number of bloggers who openly discuss their experiences. In turn people reading these posts can feel ‘less alone’ in their problems.

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Words from the Society of St James – What a Difference a Tea Makes

What a Difference a Tea Makes

That first step through the doors of a drug service can be a very hard one. When drugs have become the centre of your life, it’s almost impossible to imagine a life without them.

That’s why, when people take that step and come into the Society of St James’ drug services, we make them a cup of tea. It’s a way to make them feel welcome, comfortable, and that bit more relaxed. People chat more easily over a cup of tea.

And that chat gives us a chance to find out about the struggles that someone is facing …

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Seasider in the City – 2012 It’s going to be MAD!

I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions and this year is no different really, but I do have something I want to achieve. I want to really Make A Difference (that’s the MAD bit) to as many people as I can, in as many ways as I can – whether by raising money, or awareness, or simply donating some of the wonderful things we receive via this blog…

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DorkyMum – Knock Knock Knocking on Cameron’s Door

Knock Knock Knocking on Cameron's Door

A normal Wednesday for me usually involves some laundry, some grocery shopping, maybe a walk in the park, and a jigsaw or a game of hide and seek with DorkySon.

Yesterday was a little different. I went to Downing Street.

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life – Come On, Come On let’s #Gettogether

Come On, Come On let's #Gettogether

Now, we all bemoan our lack of money right now, but, if we were honest, we have our lives pretty cushy compared to similar women in developing countries. We may worry about the bills, but we never have to weigh up the pros and cons of breastfeeding in case we have a life threatening disease we could pass on.

Oxfam are hoping that, by raising awareness that people get more acquainted by just how hard life can be for those less fortunate than ourselves.

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The SportyMummy – Sometimes, Life Just Isn’t Fair

Sometimes, Life Just Isn’t Fair

This is the story of a little girl who is one of the strongest and courageous people I have ever met. She has been fighting a raging battle with a rare form of cancer; neuroblastoma, for 6 years. This little fighter has undergone months and months of toxic chemotherapy. It has robbed her of her beautiful blond hair, and forced her to rely on crutches….Today, the day after her 8th birthday, scans have revealed that the cancer has returned.

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Margot and Barbara – Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge for Bliss

Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge for Bliss

As part of my 35:35 Challenge and to raise some money for a special charity I climbed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks this weekend, with my lovely husband and my sister-and-brother in law. 26 miles of walking and climbing, with a total ascent of 5000m, this isn’t a challenge to be taken as lightly as I might have been taking it…

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Mummy from the Heart… – Meet Priya, the newest member of our family

Meet Priya, the newest member of our family

Six years ago was the first time dh and I attended this festival and at that time we decided to sponsor a child, his name is Carl Henri and he lives in Haiti. I have mentioned him before a few times. It is so rewarding to receive letters and drawings from him and to watch him grow. We have seen his letters change and mature over the years, just as I imagine he must of, especially with being in the capital when the tragedy happened last year.

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