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 23-01-12 – Love Craft Weekly Showcase

I am repeatedly amazed by the wonderful crafty projects everyone gets up to each week! We’ve had some wonderful ideas about rainy day entertainment and craft with little ones, now lets see what else we can get up to. Is there anyone else out there trying or succeeding in making a living at their chosen craft? If so I love to hear from them too. Does anyone teach craft to others, or are they studying a skill at college right now? Pass the word on and lets see if we can broaden the group here, maybe we can all learn something from our LAB chums! 
In the mean time – Monday morning is here again and I have fresh coffee, and homemade cakes (courtesy of my lovely Bernard!) and an appointment with this weeks showcase! TTFN!!
Introduction kindly written by Mary from  Keynko

Kids One Stop ShopBlog – Craft Corner – Homemade Playdough

Craft Corner – Homemade Playdough

This is one of my daughter’s favourite things to do. Making your own playdough is simple and cheap to do.

I got this recipe from our local playgroup. It makes a large amount so I have split into four and use different colours.

Get your child involved in making the dough as well as playing with it afterwards.

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Angela – This is Life – Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese New Year Decorations

It’s almost Chinese New Year (CNY), and I thought perhaps we should promote it a bit and get Abby’s school friends involved.

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Guest Blog & competition by bambino beads …. – Guest blog & competition by Bambino Beads ….

Bambino Beads design and make handmade personalised jewellery for children. One of the unique selling features is the magnetic clasp fasteners making them both fun to wear and easy to fasten.Enter our competition to win abeautiful personalised necklace:
Answer this question:
When did Helen set up her business?
Leave your answer in the comment box below (if no box present, click on the title of this blog first), then follow this competition link and leave your name, email address, telephone number, & Code #NBFF so helen can contact the winner – which will be drawn randomly on February 7th

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momstown arts and crafts – 7 Snowflake crafts

7 Snowflake crafts

We’ve got something for every age!

Babies & Toddlers

Q-tip snowflakes

Reverse paint snowflake painting


Double-layered snowflake craft

Snowflakes turned snowman craft

Coloured snowflakes


Display your crafts with a ribbon display

Six point snowflakes

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Sunny Side Up – are you a hoarder? clutter and having creative kids…

are you a hoarder? clutter and having creative kids…

I’m such a magpie, a squirrel, an obsessive hoarder of box after box and bag after bag of arty-crafty STUFF. Every corner, every cupboard – bursting at the seams. And my kids have always been busy arty-crafty makers and do-ers at the kitchen table, as I was…

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Mammasaurus – Tree Men!

Tree Men!

An older meme re-vitalised for the New Year with the help of the sextabulous Red Ted Art (and yes sextabulous is a real word- I am a serious writer and if I say so then it is) who is offering up rock monsters!

The idea is simple – make something and leave it somewhere for someone else to find – but attach your blog url or Twitter tag…

This week we were meant to paint rock monsters. Alas we couldn’t find any rocks and so we raided the log store! Here’s how we got on and what we made…

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Red Ted Art – Rock Monsters Escape

Tut tut tut. Where did those monsters go? Make some rock monsters with your kids and then release them in the wild. Lots of fun!

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WAHM-BAM! – Quick and simple crafty Christmas cards

Quick and simple crafty Christmas cards

A bit late, yes, but this would work for any cards, really – or just making fun pictures. Prepare the shapes and cards in advance for younger children or, for older children, they can do the whole thing themselves. You just need colourful card, scissors and glue (with optional glitter).

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two become four – Angry Birds Children’s Face Masks

Angry Birds Children's Face Masks

I bought a pack of craft foam on a whim from Poundland ages ago and it has since been sitting in my stash glaring at, and taunting, me because I hadn’t found a use for it yet…

And then inspiration suddenly struck… Face masks.

My original idea was to make some nice little woodland creature face masks… but the craft foam is a rather spewtastic selection of rainbow brights. Instead I settled on Angry Birds.

They were stupidly quick and easy to make… read on to find out what you will need…

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The good life mum – Learning ABC

Learning ABC

To help Sophie learn her ABC’s i have made these flash cards with detachable felt items to have fun with, How did you teach the ABC’s?

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Diane Gets Crafty – A brand new logo

A brand new logo

I just thought I’d share my new logo with you all for Crochet Bright and Beautiful: my new business for handmade crochet goods for babies and children and for the young at heart. Representing the spirit of CB&B , the logo seemed to create itself. A Japanese fairy sits on a magical toadstool crocheting , the yarn coming from a rainbow that has fallen from the sky. Why a Japanese fairy ?you may ask. She is representing the art form known as amigurumi with which I have totally fallen in love.

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making it up – That creative challenge

That creative challenge

First of all I had to buy some dpns (double pointed needles) the local charity shop came through there, with three different sets for £2.40. Bargain.

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Pinkoddy’s Blog – Hibernation


When my son came home from playgroup telling me he was going to wear his pyjamas in order to learn more about hibernation it got me thinking about a blog post I had seen on Little Sheep Learning with cooking and craft ideas for hedgehogs.

That’s when I decided that for tea we should have HEDGEHOGS!

Needless to say my 8 year old was not happy.

“I do not want to eat a hedgehog!” he cried.

But he soon changed his mind when the first one was brought to the table

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Skulls & Ponies – Tutorial: how to make a kindle cover

Tutorial: how to make a kindle cover

My friend Alice developed a fear of her sewing machine, so we spent a lovely morning making her Kindle a cover and for me to show her how her sewing machine isn’t so bad after all! So for you lovely readers, I have put together a tutorial for making a Kindle cover (and an added podcast!)

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Alicia’s hiding place – How to make a cloth Horse

How to make a cloth Horse

Hi today I want to share with you a tutorial of a beautiful Merry-go-round horse I have made this week. It’s not very complicated but you need some sewing skills to do it. Let start on…
Hola hoy quiero compartir con ustedes un tutorial de un bellísimo caballo de carrusel que hice esta semana. No es tan complicado pero si es necesaria cierta habilidad para costurar. Empecemos..

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Minibreak Mummy – Emergency cross-stitch kit

Emergency cross-stitch kit

I call this my ‘emergency cross-stitch kit’ because I often fancy doing the odd bit of stitching when I’m out and about (e.g. on a long train journey). I don’t want to carry one of my big projects around with me because a big project would take up too much room in my bag. Also I don’t want to lose a big piece of fabric I’ve already spent hours working on. So I tend to take a small kit or two wherever I go.

The main ingredients of the emergency cross-stitch kit are as follows:

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Alicia’s hiding place – Easy Patchwork Coasters

Easy Patchwork Coasters

It has been a while since I wanted to do this coasters, I saw them in a video on the net, but until you make them, you don’t realize how easy to make they are.
Ya tiene un tiempo que quiero hacer estos posavasos, los ví en un video en la red,hasta que no los haces no te das cuenta de lo fácil que es.

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Craftstorming – Chalkboard gingerbread men place settings

Chalkboard gingerbread men place settings

Just before Christmas I read this great guest post over on the fantastic crafts blog Whip Up. Helen from Curly Birds came up with the great idea of decorating wooden gingerbread shapes with blackboard paint and gluing some twine on the back. Children can then decorate their own gingerbread person to hang on the Christmas Tree. Other great suggestions she made were to use them a gift tags or stocking fillers. I loved these ideas and also thought it would make the perfect place setting for Christmas Day…………

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Mum on the Run – Arty Farty

I’m the least artistic person you’ll ever meet. I wish I could take up knitting or be able to paint, but being crafty is definitely not what I’m good at. Also, if you think I’m one of those people who claim they can’t do something just before they absolutely nail it, you couldn’t be more wrong. My daughter asked me to draw a butterfly a few months ago and I did… only to be told by her that it looked like a sausage! Enough said..

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Melksham Mum – #pinaddicts


You may have noticed some rumblings on Twitter about #pinaddicts and you may have noticed a lovely #pinaddicts badge up there in the corner of my blog. See it? On the right hand side above my follow badges. Click on that and you’ll land on the lovely Kerry aka @thelovebump.
Kerry had a great idea to get a bunch of Pinterest addicts together who range in crafting / baking / making things skills from fantastic i.e. the sewing extraordinaire @SewScrumptious and the baking beauty @NotSoSlummy to pretty damn crap i.e. Me!

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Mum2BabyInsomniac – The Pinterest Challenge – Do You Want To Join In?!

The Pinterest Challenge - Do You Want To Join In?!

Are you addicted to Pinterest?

Do you have a board full of things that you hope to make one day?

If so I have just the push you need to get creating – THE PINTEREST CHALLENGE!

It has been created by the fabulous Kerry from My Love Bumps (you can read her post on the challenge HERE) and I am extremely excited to be one of the #PinAddicts team.

Basically if you love Pinterest and love making things then this is the challenge for you…..

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