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23-01-12 The Fatherload

On Friday I did it for the dad bloggers out there. I went out, and met some other bloggers in London, and drank Guinness, and ate sizzling fajitas. I was the only dad blogger in a private room, in a restaurant, with 12 other bloggers, all female. I think we all had a great time, and it was truly an honour to meet some of the people whose blogs I devour on a regular basis. This meet-up was less a case of meeting strangers you know from the internet, more a mutual appreciation society meeting. Like spending time with friends you haven’t seen in ages.

I came away from this thinking one thing. If you get a chance to meet people you know through blogging then do it. Don’t be shy. Don’t worry about it. Just take that opportunity and meet them. You might well meet people who could become lifelong friends. I certainly think I have.

This week, we are again blessed with a bountiful collection of posts from men who I hope to meet at some point in my life. These guys, without exception, inspire me, move me and make me laugh. They also, most importantly, make me think. And they make me want to improve. Reading these posts each week make me realise how much I still have to learn, and how these guys are some of the best educators out there.

Without further ado, LDB brings you The Fatherload…

Introduction kindly written by SAHDandProud

Random Pearls Of Wisdom – Daddy’s Little Girl

Patience is not one of her virtues either (although I shouldn’t throw stones in that particular greenhouse!) and she decided she wanted to arrive three weeks early – sending my wife and myself into a mad panic at 3am one morning.

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Dude of the House – Pain in the Neck

Pain in the Neck

It started with a scream. It was 6:00am on Tuesday and I was jolted out of a dream about whipping Alec Baldwin at Words With Friends. Believe me when I tell you that dream would have been a lot more fun than what was actually happening in my bed.

I immediately jumped to attention. Alert but very confused, I felt like a Kardashian at a spelling bee. Initially I assumed the scream was BC in his crib. But after a moment I realized that the scream was my wife…

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slightlysuburbandad – Why I Hate Beatrix Potter

Why I Hate Beatrix Potter

Boy: “Daddy what’s a gig?”

Me: *looks at picture which isn’t helping as it’s of a rabbit*. *wonders if it’s too early to do a joke involving Black Grape at the Brighton Centre, tinnitus, snakebite and vomit* “Er I’m not sure really. Something they use to travel in I would think”.

Boy: “Daddy what’s a bonnet?”

Me (confidently): “It’s a type of hat”

Boy: “Oohhhh we all have hats. Does Mummy have a bonnet?”

Me: “No”

Boy: “Why?”

Me: “Because she’s not a mental patient darling”

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OneDad3Girls – Two People I Miss

Tonight I’m in a reflective good, and my mind gone wandering to two very special people who I miss.

The two people who have and always will be in my mind are my Nan and Grandad who passed away towards the end of 2000 within a month of each other.

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Stay at Home Dad Blog – When Mema Died: a personal account of a 5 year-old’s reactions

My month-long hiatus is over, taken only due to the heart-breaking loss of my mother, who courageously battled ovarian cancer for 20 years. With diseases like cancer, you know the inevitable outcome, but you are somehow never prepared enough for the reality. At a terribly young 60 years old, my mother fortunately had the foresight to fulfill the majority of her dreams and at least get to experience 5 years of two wonderful grandsons, one each from her two sons and daughters-in-law.

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Dales84 – A Winters Walk…..

A Winters Walk.....

The muddy path had many twists and turns, the wheels of the pram got covered with mud that we picked up on the way. ER managed to see a squirrel run fats up the tree, but unfortunately it was too fast for her to catch of for me to catch on the camera, so the squirrel remains our little secret. As the path unwound we got to see the reservoir in all its glory

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musodad – Mix-Tape Monday #1: A Song That Makes You Want To Get Up And Dance

In November, the excellent ‘I want my mummy’ – The Blogger formerly known as ‘Boo and Me’ – came up with a great idea of compiling a Mix-Tape Monday where other bloggers provide their favourite songs based on a theme provided. The first theme was ‘A Song That Makes You Want To Get Up And Dance’.

This is one of the songs I remember from the early 90s that never failed to make me dance – and yes, we used to dance exactly like they do in the video!! Even now it makes me want to get up and boogie.

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Military Dad – Accidentally

I’ve recently discovered a trend in our house. It’s a useful tool for determining what really happened when one of the kids gets hurt when we’re not around. Whenever they come running to tell on each other, there’s one thing that I look for. My daughter’s guilt is directly proportional to the number of times that she uses “accidentally” in a sentence.

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I Can’t Brain Today; I Have the Dumb – Autism, As I See It.

Autism, As I See It.

My youngest son, Tristan, has an Autism disorder. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS when he was three years old…

Tristan is a bright boy. He’s a happy boy. He wants for nothing. He’s seven years old and in the first grade.

Outside of the walls of my house, he is also my embarrassment.

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First-Time-Daddy – It’s not just dancers who need a routine!

It’s not just dancers who need a routine!

Humans are a creature of habit. I am also a creature of routine.
I wake up and my mornings go the same every day, give or take a few minutes. If ANYTHING interferes with that routine, then my whole “schedule” is ruined and I end up being late to work, or I forget to do something. Thanks to my beautiful wife, my morning routines haven’t changed all that much, even after becoming a parent. Unless of course it’s the weekend, in which case anything can happen!!

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SAHDandproud – Beaten

Those days we all get as parents. By 11 o’clock and its cold outside or wet or rainy. The kids have lost their interest in making any more MegaBloks towers and the rain still keeps on. Not even the playground 50 yards away is a good idea. “Lets go for a walk around the block?” 10 minutes later you’re still trying to get the coat on one who’s taken their shoes off while the other has locked themselves in the downstairs loo..

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Mutterings of a Fool – The day my heart melted

The day my heart melted

This week I had one of those heart melting moments.

The ones where your whole body does a little jig and your mouth is fixed in a beaming smile.

Where time seems to slow down

Where the joy of the moment gives you a burst of energy that no can of Red Bull every could.

It was Wednesday. I was working from home. The lady of the manor had gone out for the afternoon with Matilda to one of her many social engagements.

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