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23-01-12 Love Education Weekly Showcase

 The first Education showcase last week was a resounding success. There was a real mix of posts, teaching ideas and parental worries. There was a post on how to talk to children about sex and one on how to make a catapult. I can’t wait to read this week’s offerings. This showcase is a great place to find ideas for educating children whether you’re at homer in school. I found some fantastic apps (!/page/1) to use with my daughter Molly, she has spent the week making up her own stories using a puppet making app I found through one of the posts and hasn’t even realised she has been practicing literacy skills. I love a bit of stealth teaching!

This week I was at my Molly’s school for her star of the week assembly. As well as brimming with pride I got to watch a lovely half hour assembly which made me remember what I loved about teaching. The Head-teacher took time with each child and talked through what they had done to get them congratulated. She gave them her full attention and for that moment made them feel like the most important child in the room.

Half way through the head-teacher called the name of a child to come and get their certificate. A tiny little nursery child came to the front as he had the same name and thought it was him being called. I’ve seen this happen in so many schools but don’t think I’ve never seen it handled so well. The head asked the little lad’s teacher if he had been good and when she said he was always good everyone gave him a big clap, she found a spare certificate for him to hold and he got to sit on the stage with the others. It might seem like a little thing but it must have made his day. It would have been so easy for her just to hush him back to his place. It made me remember it’s the little things which are important in teaching.

They may forget what you said but they will never forget how they made you feel.

Introduction kindly written by Rebecca from Here Come The Girls

Mummy..Mummy..MUM!! – Reading and Dinosaur Footprints

Reading and Dinosaur Footprints

Z started school last September. After October half term he came home with an envelope full of words to learn, each on a tiny bit of paper. The initial enthusiasm for practising his words has started to fade as they have become harder. The main problem is that we do his reading at bedtime when he is tired and the girls are around. Baby H starts throwing them and little S folds them up into tiny pieces to ‘help’.

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Actually Mummy… – I need to get out more!

I am quite a busy girl. Aside from the fact that Mummy commandeers an unreasonable amount of my leisure time for such activities as clearing the table, putting my shoes away, brushing my teeth, and going to the toilet before we leave the house, I also have quite a number of other commitments to keep up with. For starters, I am attempting a school record for how many playdates I can fit into just half a term….

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Mum in Meltdown – Reading for kids………..How important is it?

Reading for kids...........How important is it?

When both my boys were tiny it was part of the bedtime routine to have a story, and when they started reading at school it was religiously done everyday.

All of that has paid off as now at the grand old ages of 11 and 13 years they are both avid readers in their own right. My youngest actually got a Kindle for his Christmas present.

However, I do know families where the kids are totally uninterested in reading and no matter what they have tried along the way, it hasn’t worked.

So does it matter whether you start early or not?

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Me He & Them – Changing Education Paradigms by Dir Ken Robinson

School has started recently and with it the nice pressure about the choice of the school. Am I making the right choice for my child? Reading through the recent issues of Angels & Urchins  there is a special School Guide supplement so clearly this is a hot topic.

Please bear this subject in mind as you check out the link below:

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WAHM-BAM! – How do you find time to help your children develop a lifelong love of learning

How do you find time to help your children develop a lifelong love of learning

With school, homework, after-school activities and having time to play, where do you get the time to help your children learn new things outside of school?

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Here come the Girls – ABC Spy App – review

ABC Spy App - review

There are only 5 sleeps until Christmas and the days are starting to drag for impatient children, counting down the days until their eager hands are stuffed with presents, and their open mouths full of treats. What they need is a project to keep them busy, something fun which will also keep their brains occupied so they don’t turn to sludge through watching too many Cbeebies pantos. The ABC Spy app for the iphone or ipad is perfect to get their minds working, so they won’t have forgotten everything come January.

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You’re not from round here. – Back to normality

Back to normality

So, technically I’m back to normality now. I started back at university on Monday. I was totally nervous about going back, I have no idea why. Not quite as petrified as in my post from Fresher’s week. I think maybe it was just because it feels as though we’ve been off for so long. In reality it has only been a month. But it felt like I would have to get to know everyone again.

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